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  • Success on PBF!

    So, for about 6 to 7 weeks I've been following Primal Blueprint Fitness. Sometimes it just doesn't feel right, because it just doesn't feel like I'm working out hard enough. But I'm pleased to report some good progress. I took the last week off, and tonight, all of a sudden, I could do beautiful jumping pull-ups (the level I'm at for that exercise). Seriously, I felt I could hang out up at the top of the bar all night. 6 weeks ago, I could barely pull my chin above that bar. Full planks for 90 seconds are a breeze. I've jumped 2 levels in squats. But I'm definitely the most happy about my pull-up progress as they were downright pathetic before.

    Other good thing about PBF: on a busy day I can do it right in my living room late at night. I have to swap another exercise for the pull-ups because I don't have a bar, but still.

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    Great to hear TCM. Keep it up.

    I like the fact that you are not making any excuses for being busy and still get a workout in.


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      The other thing is, I definitely haven't gained weight, nor do I feel flabby, even though I was really worried that primal blueprint fitness just isn't enough exercise. I think it does go hand-in-hand with primal eating though. I'm not sure it would be enough for an overweight person on a SAD diet. Well, in those cases nothing really works anyway...since following PBF, I've reminded myself of the saying you are 80% what you eat and that helps me keep things in balance. I don't need to exercise like crazy: what I need to do is eat clean, and exercise efficiently. Having participated in a hardcore bootcamp program for the past 4 years, this is still a bit to get used to, but I'm liking the results so far.


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        Proper exercise should strengthen and improve the body on a systemic and metabolic level. It should at the same time not be detrimental to ones health in the short term and the long term. Somehow its been beaten in to all of our brains that we need more more more when it comes to exercise. It is so ingrained that people just can't seem to grasp the idea that this is very flawed thinking. Proper exercise stimulates the cells of the body deeply enough to cause them to adapt and function at a stronger and higher level. The adaptation though, takes place while NOT exercising and ample time must be allowed for this to take place. Exercise is a means to an end (stronger, healthier body) NOT the end.

        I get that a lot of people get into exercising and they get hooked so to speak and it becomes something they enjoy. I have experienced this. Doing something we enjoy definitely has its benefits too. That said, doing lots of training, almost daily type training, while it can get you that cut body, better athletic performance in some cases, it will eventually be at the detriment of your overall health and this is exactly what you don't want. What you do now will most definitely effect what you are later.

        You are seeing the results of getting a more realistic dose of the required stimulus. Good luck!