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Exercise and Brain Function

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  • Exercise and Brain Function

    Interesting research on the mechanism that may be behind the association between exercise and improved brain function, including how the brain's glycogen storage capacity can potentially be increased through post-workout fuelling.

    Phys Ed: How Exercise Fuels the Brain -
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    An interesting read. It seems exercise is a win-win situation, you become healthier and in a way smarter.


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      Fascinating. I had no idea that the brain stores glycogen. Depletion of these stores could be another mechanism - alongside the known ones - whereby lack of carbohydrate availability can induce depression.

      Although the amounts stored are small, turnover is very slow (3-5 days for depletion - see Human brain glycogen content and metabolism: implications on its role in brain energy metabolism). Hence, as well as protecting the brain from hypoglycaemia in times of stress, could the level of brain glycogen be used as a sensitive indicator of glycogen levels in the muscles and possibly the liver? I also note that the 3-5 days depletion corresponds with good results from carbing up or calorie cycling about once a week.

      I like the idea that sprinting in workouts could help the brain load more glycogen to enable it to sprint when it's problem-solving.
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        I feel great after I bang some squats out. I feel so good that I start taking an interest in other people and what they have to say.


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