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Should I eat protein before or after weight training?

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  • Should I eat protein before or after weight training?

    I'm sure I can find this somewhere but I'm lazy
    well then

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    Yes (I'm sure I could have answered better but I'm lazy)...


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      Both. Eat that protein OM NOM NOM NOM.

      But seriously. Eat a lot of protein post workout too, its good.
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        Wait, no..

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          Originally posted by Gravyboat View Post

          Wait, no..
          you could, I used to have gatorade (orange flavour) protein (strawberry flavour) drinks during my workouts.

          To answer the OP, you should have a little protein (or BCAA's) before lifting. And eat after.
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            I do best working out in a fasted state...

            So, for me, I would say after.

            It really depends on YOU! There is no wrong or right way. Have you been eating before a workout or do you do best working out in a fasted state?
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              If you're going for strength gains then a little whey protein or BCAA's before is great to avoid muscle loss and maximize recovery.
              There is no wrong or right way.
              eating nothing is counter productive to strength gains, even Martin Berkhan, mister IF himself, recommends 10g BCAA before a WO. I would think anything that is counter productive to your goals would be the wrong way.


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                It doesn't really matter, man.

                Your body continously digests protein; protein you ate last night is being processed and sorted by your system as I type this.

                It's not something where you will eat a chunk of protein and it is immediately digested, sorted, put away; the system can't just make use of large chunks of it insnantly.

                Timing, before, after workout, it's largley irrelevant. What matters is that it's there at some point, that it's coming in at some point.


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                  And it's not a good look to say "I'm lazy". Not in a forum, not in real life. No one respects that.