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  • Isolation/weak point training

    Do any of you go through periods of adding more isolation exercises? I've just found it useful every now and then to help with my compound lifts. I don't consider them isolation for 'getting the peak on my biceps' for example, but see it as developing a weak point within a muscle chain. I've done that with deadlifts in the past, using some leg isolation work and my lift improved quite a lot.

    Recently I've added more arm work to help with my pull ups. I never thought I'd need to do that but my arms have always been weaker compared to the rest of me. As a result, over the last couple of weeks my pull ups have gone from 8 sets of 5, to 10 sets of 8 (alternating the distance of the grip between sets) which is a pretty quick improvement for me.

    What weak point training have you used to help with your bigger lifts? Weak point training doesn't just have to be strength, it can be proprioception or flexibility - for example working on calf/achillies flexibility for squatting.

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    It's absolutely vital if you really want to progress on your lifts to take this approach. Probably the key exercises for me have been dead hangs for grip strength, windmills for rotational mobility and shoulder stability and plenty of dynamic mobility
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      I started the other day to try to increase my shoulder flexibility to better handle the bar on a low bar back squat. Right now I can only manage a really wide grip on the bar with my hands which makes it difficult. I've been doing a high bar squat but I really want to do low bar.