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  • Sporadic LHT?

    I am new here and have been eating Primal for about three months now. I have a question about lifting heavy things. I have a new job and workout time is getting cut into pretty hard, however at work I have time to slip in sets throughout the day. A set of pushups 30 mins later a set of overhead press and so on. My question is this just as effective as doing 30 minute workout? By the days end I will have done 200-250 pushups, 20-40 pullups, 2-3 sets of planks, 300-350 squats and 20-30 80lbs overhead presses and 4-10 handstand pushups. This is over a nine hour period of work I also w/use of a pedometer walk 10,000 to 12,000 steps (4-6miles) daily. I still sprint on sundays. Do you guys think I need to do anything else, because I don't get high intensity on the sets because of the big rest periods between sets?

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    That kind of practice is referred to as "greasing the groove." It works quite well! The key is to still focus on intensity, even if it's only for 10-20 seconds.

    Check out the last third of this article: Dear Mark: Kosher, Weak Nails, Tea Seed Oil, and Greasing the Groove | Mark's Daily Apple
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      Thank you!!


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        I was actually just thinking about this today and am thinking of applying it to my workouts. It's really hard for me to get into a "workout mode" as the mood seems to strike me at odd times throughout the day.


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          Same here, but I've had great success with just knocking out a few sets of push-ups or pull-ups whenever the mood strikes. Once you allow yourself to "heed the call," it's easy to become a healthy habit.

          Was in the truck and pulled over at a rest stop today- knocked out a bunch of decline push-ups using a park bench and did soem pull-ups on a tree until I couldn't do anymore, plus a few iso-metric lunges. LHT complete!


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            I'm late with an answer, sorry! But, I'm in a very similar (yet completely different) situation. My daughters and I just started homeschooling, so I don't have a ton of time to go the the gym anymore. I used to drop them at school and go for a leisurely 2-3 hour workout, come home for housework, then play mommy after school. Nowadays, though, I fit in my sets in between lessons or chores, and it works pretty well for me. I have to do my MS at the gym, where they have day care with a 2 hour time limit, but, by doing most of my LHT (must still buy a pull up bar for home) during school, I can fit my MS time in more easily. It's actually kind of fun to watch my 5 year old try to do overhead presses, but I'm encouraging her. If she learns now and keeps it up, she won't have to as an adult.
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