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    I originally posted this in the wrong section cause apparently from where I am Recipe reads the same as fitness.

    I am having a bit of difficulty managing training intensity. I ring / gymnastic training in place of traditional strength training while still trying to maintain similar principles.

    With body weight as you all might know, difficulty / progression is a matter of leverage. So in that way, it's hard to gauge what 1RM is then adjusting they weight say to 80% of that.

    I work out 3 times a week, two of those I focus on 8 reps and once a week I go for strength focusing on 3x3.

    For example (for strength):I will move to a progression that I can barely attain once motion and then focus on that as my strength routine for that week. So for example I did handstand pushups, which I can barely do on week one and now they are considerably easier.

    For mass - I move down to a lower progression then work in more reps.

    But sometimes I feel like I could be over training. So Monday, was an awesome workout, and I went at it like a beast. I took two days to red and this morning was really hard...

    Any one with similar experience?

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    You could very easily be over training. It is a greatly misunderstood problem but it is a huge problem and quite prevalent. Hard training requires not only recovery back to where you were before the training stimulus, but then a certain amount of time for the adaptation i.e. growth to take place.

    If you aren't able to muster up that intensity then you are very likely over training. You should be chomping at the bit to do the workout. If you are ho hum about it or even worse dreading it then you need to listen to those signals. There is nothing wrong with adding extra days in between the workouts. Do something of low intensity activity such a walking on those days. Some days you may well feel like doing nothing if you are exhausted. That is also ok. Its not about working out per se. Its about fitness and feeling well on a daily basis. If your program has you feeling drained more so than feeling good, something is definitely out of balance.


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      yeah I definitely agree.

      It's hard to gauge though when it's not weight I am using... on a day like Monday, I felt awesome and wanted to make sure I caused enough disruption to create the need for adaptation, the next day for lunch I was so dam hungry i ate 4 chicken breasts for lunch....


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        Well you were rested and ready for it on Monday. Depending on the intensity of the stimulus, it can take several days to recover and adapt.


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          ya that is the part I am trying to figure out. Because I don't have the math to go buy (ie weights) it's hard to tell for me so I usually go by how difficult it is that day and just trying to find that edge and them backing of somewhat if that makes any sense?

          My understanding is that novices take anywhere from 48-72 hours of recovery and the more advanced the longer it takes.