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A Squat Program For People Who Want to Lift Heavy Things

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  • A Squat Program For People Who Want to Lift Heavy Things

    Hey I know a lot of people on the boards would like to do more heavy squatting. I thought I would share a squat program that is very easy to follow to aid their efforts.
    • Created by Gayle Hatch - coach for USA Olympic lifting team
    • 12 weeks long, 2x a week
    • Includes both back squat and front squats
    • Back Squat can be either High Bar or Low Bar
    • Challenging program

    Here's how to start
    1. Determine your 1 rep max back squat
    2. Determine your 1 rep max front squat
    3. Navigate here
    4. Under the "File" menu select "Download As" and choose either Excel or Open Office (whichever of the two you are compatible with)
    5. Open your downloaded file and populate the "max fs" and "max bs" with your personal 1 rep max for front squat and back squat, the rest of the spreadsheet is automatically populated with the rep scheme and loads to use at each session
    6. Print out a copy to take to the gym or put it on your smart phone

    FYI -

    I recommend beginners and those with deficient posteriors program below their actual 1 rep max. This is a really hard program with rep schemes at 6x85%, 8x80% etc if you don't have any of the neurological stuff already in place it will be even harder.

    You need to eat a lot and get a lot of rest while on this program. Metcons and sprinting will hinder your strength gains and recovery.

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    Check smolov squats out too...its a crazy insane routine.
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      @TFC: Looks pretty solid.
      @MightyMouse: I will check out Smolov also.

      I've been doing 5/3/1 for a good while now and I like it, but I will keep those two routines in mind if I stall or get tired of 5/3/1.

      Also, I have been doing squats for a few years now, but I still don't have solid form. Lately I've been leaning more toward weightlifting (versus powerlifting) style (narrower stance). My problem is with the bar slipping down my back. I feel like I'm resting it on my traps well at the start, but as the set progresses, the bar slips lower and lower down my back. Eventually my wrists start to hurt and I feel like the bar is about to slide off my back. Any tips?


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        Yodiewan it might be a good opportunity to transition to low bar back squat! It is way more comfortable in terms of maintaining the rack position, puts much less stress on my lower back, and feels more "solid." maybe it will for you to.

        in terms of the bar slipping down your traps during sets of high bar - perhaps your chest isn't up high enough (as in you are forward)? Hard to say without seeing it. One thing I noticed after grinding a lot of Front, LBBS and HBBS for a few months, maintaining an upright position and strength at the bottom of a squat became infinitely easier than when I was starting. I think there is a transition period when all these supporting muscles surrounding your hips, anterior and posterior have to get up to speed with your larger muscles in order to support them. Once they do everything feels much more comfortable and maintaining proper form feels more natural. I'd recommend doing front, HBBS and LBBS (all three) if you aren't already. The combination will help flush out any deficiencies. Once I started adding HBBS to my front and LBBS routine it helped strengthen my lower back which made it easier to maintain an upright torso.

        Also it is uber important to really really work on hip mobility. Here are some mobility wods I do each week that have really paid off. No more knees coming in on squats or issue maintaining depth at the bottom.

        Episode 97/365: Improved Hip Mobility for Better Squatting Tomorrow | Mobility WOD
        Episode 363/365: Pre-Squat Hip Opener Mob-Rx | Mobility WOD

        I can't find very best one that I do that I got from his site... I'll take a picture doing it next week and post here. It's kind of magic.
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          20 rep squat program will really hit you hard and is a nice way to change things up.
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            Thanks for the awesome response, TFC.

            I had been doing what I though was low-bar, wider stance squats for a while, but lately the narrower stance has felt better to me. I like to go quite low and it feels more natural to hit depth with a narrower stance versus a wide one. But I think you may be right: I might not be keeping my chest up high enough since I was used to bending forward a good bit from doing low-bar. Maybe I can get a friend to videotape me some time. I think that would be helpful for diagnosing the problem.

            I just started doing Mobility WOD during this week (one of my scheduled deload weeks). I just started from the end (first episode) and was going to work my way up, but I will definitly give those two you posted a look today. I got stuck on episode 2, hah. It's the stretch where you put your shin against a wall (with your knee in the corner) and lunge into it. Then get your back up straight. Feels like I'm ripping my quad out, haha. But it's getting better over the past few days.