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Restarting CC with a question

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  • Restarting CC with a question

    Okay so a while back I started CC, but the lack of frequency destroyed my confidence and my interest. So I switched around, tried different things, tried doing dumbbells for a while but overall I really enjoy bodyweight exercises and I relally like Convict Coditionings ideas. Still my only gripe was lack of frequency.

    BUT then I read the Super FAQ and I see the revolving door idea which I think I could get down with. So Im going to restart from ZERO doing 3 exercises a day, in a A/B style split on M/W/F. Now heres my real question. The only other exercise I really enjoy is Turkish Getups. How would you guys suggest I add this in to my regimen? Ive thought on this so much I have become completely convoluted with internet jibber jabber and over-thought. Please help. lol

    P.S. My strength program has become none, but I do still walk/jog every morning for 20-30 minutes before work. My strength days are going to be done right after work, which is where CC will go.

    Okay so the info is in...everybody got it? thanks in THE IDEAS JUST ROLL ON OUT!

    EDIT: Okay so my reason for wanting to do turkish getups os for the really good olique hit they give.Now Im about to get my hands on CC2. Will this have some oblique work and how to implement it into my schedule? Anyone with CC2 knowledge got some to share?
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    focus on CC2 after you're at least on level 7-8 CC1


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      Regardless of your fitness level, both CC books contain progressions for beginners up to advanced trainees. I think it's fine for you to combine aspects of both books together.

      And yes, there is a great section on training the obliques and lateral chain in CC2.
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        I don't know, why do you feel you have to workout so much? What about resting and recovery? Don't rush things.

        I think if you can't do a single pullup, you shouldn't worry about grip strength, for example, because it's going to improve with pullups. Later, when pullups arent enough to train grip further, you go to CC2... that's talking about CC1 vs. CC2. Depends on what level you are, but I think you should focus on the 'Big Moves' first, to develop basic muscular strength, endurance and ligament/tendon resistance.

        Take your time, work from level 1 forward, always respect recovery time and good form. Don't rush results or you'll quit. Persevere, and in a year, you'll be incredibly stronger and fitter. Don't let your thirst for success stay in the way.

        (I'm talking about my own past experience... it might not suit you!)


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          About the Turkish Gettups, Pavel says you should always perform them after everything. So I would go for that. 1x5 TGU for each side, after your CC training. If you're using a Kettlebell, you could consider Swings as well!


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            Thanks for the input fellas! Looks like I need to fix this post. I just got CC 2 in and wow...did a quick scan through, but i like it. I think I may still keep my turkish getups but i definately want to implement this from day 1 of the restart. I did my last weighted workout today so starting next week im going full CC again.
            The only problem i see with implementation is i see 4 additional workouts there but only 3 days a week of full is this completely implemented into CC 1. It seems vague on programming as i dont see a programming chapter as in CC 1. Who here has done this and how did you get it in there? Im gonna do Good behavior, so now theres grip/forearm, neck, calves, and finally flag work. so how is this done? Maybe i just missed it on the book scanning....
            Oh and nice moves Al. The flag work looks totally awesome.

            NVM...Flag work is paired with leg raises....score!...okay so now im set up. Thanks to all, but any more pointers are still much appreciated!!!
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              Don't think, train. (in a Bruce Lee voice)
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                I try to tell myself that everyday palfrey...


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                  Originally posted by Matchu View Post
                  I try to tell myself that everyday palfrey...
                  But do you do it in a Bruce Lee voice? Seriously though, in the grander scheme of things the most important thing is that you train week in, week out. Where you put your TGU's won't make any difference in the long me.
                  Sandbag Training For MMA & Combat Sports
                  Sandbag Training Guide on Kindle
                  The Complete Guide To Sandbag Training
                  Brute Force Sandbags
         - Health and Fitness eBooks, video, audio and workshops


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                    I have been doing CC and CC2 following CC advanced program and layered CC2 over top.
                    Day 1
                    Finger tip pushup
                    Leg raise

                    Day 2
                    1 leg Squat
                    squat (on partial reps for one leg so need to keep that full range of motion)
                    Dead lift (can't give up the dead lifts)
                    One arm hang (not for grip strength but to strengthen the shoulder)

                    Handstand Pushups
                    KP Press (again at partials on handstand pushups so KB for full range of motion)
                    Press Flag (just starting)
                    Clutch flag (can hold for 16s aiming for one min)

                    Day 4
                    Finger tip pushups
                    Hangs (for grip on uneven towel hangs)
                    One arm hang
                    Calf raises
                    Inverted/Australian Rows

                    I allow myself a max of 3 days between working days depending on what else I am doing that week (ie climbing, snowshoeing, 2-3 hour walk, biking, sprints, sandbag day, ketllebell day, etc)
                    Seems to work for me and it gives a good mix.
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