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help with starting free weights

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  • help with starting free weights

    Tomorrow on March 1st I would like to start doing some weight lifting at home. And could use some help.
    I have the book "Body for Life for Women" and there is a charpter in there on weight lifting with pics. etc.

    I want to know if I understand this correctly. It says to do 3 sets of each exercise. And with each set to increase the weight and reduce the reps. Example 12-20 reps first set, 12-15 second set, 8-10 third set. So what size (pounds) weight would I use for each set.

    Would I get just as good results just using the same size weight to start with, with each set. Example 3# for now and than 5# when the 3# are to easy etc...........

    As you can see I'm new to doing free weight. I want to make sure I do this right and not waste my time....Thanks for any help you can give me........

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    Ok, first I would recommend browsing the PB Fitness forum, there are a lot of good insights posted in there. It just may take a little digging.
    Next, do not restrict yourself to the set/rep guidance in the book, go with whats feels (mentally/physically) good. As a beginner just start light, 5 lbs., and move on from there. After you get a feel for what you can do, you can start experimenting more with different weights and reps.
    For an example we'll talk about lunges:
    Start with body weight and try for 20 (10 with each leg) if that kills you do less reps, if it is too easy do more or add weight like with 5 pound dumbells in each hand.
    The best advice I can give about weight lifting is to experiement and remember that form is the most important thing to keep from getting injured.
    "Most men stop when they begin to tire. Good men go until they think they will collapse. But the VERY BEST men know that the mind tires before the body and push themselves beyond all limits. Only when all of these limits have been shattered can the unattainable be reached." ~Dan Gable


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      see National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

      Free, lots of "how to" videos, and plenty of information. Good luck. Weights really really work but must be done correctly with good form :-)


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        Invintus 14: Thanks for your reply. I think I will start with just 5 pound dumbells for now until they get to easy to do. And not worry about how the book says to do it. I will also try to see what I can find in the PB fitness forum.

        missblue: Thanks for the link I will check it out.