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Day Two of crossfit with strict paleo/primal diet, any tips?

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  • Day Two of crossfit with strict paleo/primal diet, any tips?

    I've been eating primal for about two weeks now and wanted to take it to the next level so yesterday I did my first crossfit class and absolutely loved it! I don't like going on weight loss goals, prefer to go with "how I feel inside and also outside", for me weighing myself is irrelevant! I want to try strict Paleo/Primal and do crossfit for a month straight and just see what happens, although I would like to lose around ten pounds "issh" then just tone up a lot! Does anyone have any tips possible for me to get through this month or just information is general (post-workout meals, pre-workout snacks) anything would help me here, thank you a ton!

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    Don't over do it at the gym. 3 times a week is an excellent place to start. Patience.


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      I shoot for 3x a week crossfit and 2x week walk and have gained quite a bit of fitness and strength doing this for the past 6 months. As far as pre/post workout meals are concerned--I don't give it much thought beyond the PB principals. I eat B/L and D and stick to real/ whole primal foods--sometimes before my workout/ sometimes after--it really doesn't seem to make much difference on how I feel or perform. I tried whey protein but I gained 4 lbs in the process and at my workout level I feel like I get enough nutrition and energy from eating primal foods on a consistent basis.

      Have fun!
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        I suck when it comes to patience (to put it nicely) in concern with the gym. I get bored easily which is why I think crossfit will be great with the different WOD but I'm good once I see results but until then I go "slightly overboard" I will really focus on trying to balance it out so I'm not going too often! Thanks!


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          Advice for someone wanting to embrace crossfit/fitness:

          limit yourself to 3 metcon WODs each week initially, however if you want to do more you should. Fill in the additional days with lifting sessions at your crossfit gym. You probably have programming each week based completely on a compound lift like Squat/press/dead lift plan to attend those days. Lifting during days you aren't doing a metcon is valuable and not overly taxing. The warm up will help fulfill the PB goal of "moving a lot" and the lifting will fulfill the goal of "lift heavy things" the metcons will knock off "High intensity training".
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