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How much exercise for someone recovering from autoimmune?

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  • How much exercise for someone recovering from autoimmune?


    I have leaky gut, multiple food sensitivities, joint inflammation, etc etc
    I've been doing paleo/primal for a few months with good improvements but i haven't been exercising much. But I'm not sure how much and what type (cardio? weights?) of exercise i should do that is optimal to supplement my healing/recovery from those conditions.

    Please share your experiences or any tips

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    Hav you downloaded the Primal Blueprint Fitness ebook from Mark's site & watched the vidoes of the 5 essential movements?
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      I have Psoriatic Arthritis......I take enbrel for it and that helps with the joints so I smash it at the gym 2-3 times per week. I sprint about three or four times a month.

      For me just getting out of the habit of not doing anything as I could not do it with all of the joint pain and all. I started out with yoga and walking. Then graduated to kettlebells and did that for a couple of months. Now I hit it at the gym with a friend and we lift heavy and hard. It has been 9 months of work but I am happy where things are going. Just start off small and you will progress....try the free ebook mark offers for tips and what to do and you will be good.