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The Naked Warrior or Convict Conditioning?

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  • The Naked Warrior or Convict Conditioning?

    Anybody know which book is better The naked warrior or convict conditioning?

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    If it was a vote I'd say CC. Much more rounded program. or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

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      +1 for CC, although if you can afford both there's some useful info in Naked Warrior. Having said that if I could spring for just 2 books I'd have CC, and CC2.
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        CC as an overall program wins hands down.
        Naked Warrior does have a lot of good discussion and id very good for technique.
        I bought CC and borrowed Naked Warrior from the library.
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          Depends on your fitness level and training history. Naked warrior is not going to be very accessable for someone who is not already in very good shape -- the program focuses on the one-legged squat and one-arm chin-up. Convict conditioning on the other hand can be approached by just about anyone.

          You could also try Never Gymless, my personal favorite bodyweight book.


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            I'm a huge fan of Convict Conditioning. I've never understood the methodology of progressive exercises before, never been able to measure any improvement before (other than number of reps), and never been this strong.


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              ~robokevin is it not one leg squat and one arm pushup?
              Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
              Don't forget to play!


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                you're right, I hadn't gotten it out in a few years. Thanks.

                I still stand by my philosophy, and would recommend CC first. Though a one-arm push up is certainly orders of magnitude easier than a one-arm chin up.
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                  Originally posted by Robokevin View Post

                  You could also try Never Gymless, my personal favorite bodyweight book.
                  ^^This. Although I do plan on getting CC one of these days.


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                    Convict Conditioning is more rounded, yes. I think that Pavel's Naked Warrior has some excellent "secret tips" which can help you in CC as you progress. The key is in consistency and patience. -Neil

                    My Convict Conditioning Journey


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                      I was thinking of starting new thread with the same title but with slightly more concrete question but anyway ... I'll write here.

                      I've been playing with Convict Conditioning and Naked Warrior for, maybe, half an year. Last year I've become huge fan of bodyweight exercises, and after some nice initial progress (0 to 6-7 pull-ups in about 1.5 months), I've decided it's time for a system (book) from an expert.

                      First I've found Convict Conditioning, started doing the exercises from Step 1, except for the squats because my legs were (and still are) disproportionately strong compared to the rest of the body. I can make an about 10 pistols, with almost no training, I would guess because of playing basketball, lots of walking and hiking, occasional running and elliptical in the winter.

                      BUT ... not the same story with my arms and back. The first step for the push-ups (3x50) got me almost permanent muscle soreness. Yes, my arms became more defined, especially the triceps. One of my guesses was that I was doing the exercises too often, mainly because I didn't quite got the section from Convict Conditioning about how often to train, and the programs for different level individuals.

                      A month ago or so, I've found and read Naked Warrior after some rage reviews of people progressed to one-arm push up in a month or two. I've started with 1-2 reps of one-arm push-ups against a wall, with slow and controlled movement. I'm doing this maybe 6-7 times a day (one of the exercises that I can make in the bathroom at work because the exercise don't last long )

                      After a couple of more articles, and the above books, I've came into the conclusion that Convict Conditioning and Naked Warrior are based on fundamentally different approaches:
                      * Convict Conditioning: Synaptic Facilitation - LOTS of reps, very small "weight", good form, lead to gradual increase in strength and "brain strength" of the signals "sent" to the muscles. Also leads to pumped up muscles (not a bad thing at all, for the upper body, at least to me)
                      * Naked Warrior: Greasing the Groove - VERY FEW reps, perfect form, heavy weight (one's own body). Lead to pure strength, without changing much the volume and shape of the muscles.

                      To me, the two approaches are sort of, hm, different, even though they are supposed to lead to advances in bodyweight mastery. Since I've sort of stalled my progress, I'm wondering what to do - to stick with one of the programs, or to switch programs on weekly basis or something.

                      @nbednar : Nice blog, I was thinking of documenting my progress/journey with CC and/or NW in a similar fashion, glad to see a similar 'mind'.

                      Thanks in advance for the replies
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