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  • Starting Strength Forum Vent!!

    Anyone find that when posting on Starting Strength...that you're immediately ridiculed and debates are often started on totally unrelated topics constantly between other people even?? With Mark's forum, everyone is open and friendly and act as actual mentors looking to help someone achieve a greater self. On SS, most people will ask your weight and then call you a pussy. I tried to say something about "attempting to act like mentors and guides to people starting SS" but was just made fun of more. Just had to vent (and say how much respect I have for the open and understanding people on here).

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    Sounds like a forum I don't need to bother with...


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      Yeah, although you have to realize that it's a totally different atmosphere. There it's like a locker room, snappin' towels, talkin' shit and what have you. Here it's more like an upscale cocktail party
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