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Feels like my last shot to become a pro athelete..diary/blog/advice

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  • Feels like my last shot to become a pro athelete..diary/blog/advice

    My story is that when I was 14 i played football ( soccer ) at a pro level - i gave up, ate shit, and did nothing for the next 5 years after mom/dad broke up... now im 19 and tried boxing, turns out im quite good and naturally lucky as i have abnormally long arms.

    I have decided that if i dont make it by the time im 21 its over, so from now on I am going strictly primal and will train for 4 hours a day even with a full time job - I will be keeping a full diary picture / blog

    I have a few things that really limit me i need help with.

    1. I just cant breathe through my nose, occasionally I can breathe through one nostril but thats a gift, its always really dry up there and just feels like my nose hole is TINY. I think nasal breathing will help me loads, but what can I do!??! I have never been allergic to anything - so i doubt its that, but heard milk dont help? I love a cup of tea though.

    2. I am not sure how much carbs i will need either - I do need to be FIT - but i like to train explosively - sprinting etc rather than jogging. So i will be doing 4 hours of lifting, stretching and spriting a day - i currently only have cabbage broccoli carrot etc as my only carbs - what is the best I can introduce and how much of it?

    3. Sometimes when I go to train outside - the air is so cold it burns my lungs - cant breathe through my nose - puts me off - makes me wimp out - what to do?

    Thanks for looking

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    oh and while im here if anyone is primal around Birmingham England let me know would be nice to discuss mutual stuff!!


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      1. Is this year-round, or more of a winter thing? Get yourself a humidifier to use during the winter. Air that's too dry causes sinus problem.
      See an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist doctor about it. There might be something medical that can be done.
      Dairy can definitely be a problem sometimes. I get really mucousy from dairy (and sugar sometimes).

      2. As much as your body needs. I would even say that you shouldn't worry about it. Just eat primal foods, and you'll be okay.

      3. Wrap a loosely-knit scarf over your face.


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        Your best friend for carbs as an athlete should be sweet potatoes...find a good roasting recipe and you'll be in love. I used to hate sweet potatoes and I they are quickly becoming one of my favorites, I eat them 4-5 times a week. Sinus issues can be cleared up by a primal diet, but you may need to get that checked out...I live in a northern state and often run outside in the winter. The burning sucks, but it WILL increase your lung capacity for usually becomes less of an issue as you run more..


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          If you don't make it by the time you're 21, keep trying. Physical improvement can continue well into your 20s, 30s, and 40s, as many on here are finding out. Personally, a lot of goals have actually come back into focus in the past six months or so.

          Keep reaching!


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            1. As others said - get with a doctor. If you do have a "TINY" nose hole (whatever the hell that is - LOL), then they should be able to help you. A paleo/primal diet should help with this as well.

            2. I am not a pro, but I do play lacrosse and you will need carbs from primal sources. Potatoes and squash should be your main go to sources. However, especially after a significant amount of anaerobic training, white rice can be used as long as you don't have some weird reaction to it. I would still stay away from other grains and legumes to help with item #1.

            3. You aren't a wimp, you just act like one. Just train in the cold and breathing when it's not cold will seem much easier.

            Also, don't think that you have to quit by the time you are 21. I didn't go back into lacrosse until I was 39 (now 41) and I play against guys in their early 20s (some are in their 30s too) and I can still hang with most of them.
            Look at Vitali Klitschko who is 39 years old. He just knocked the piss out of Chisora and I don't think Chisora is even 30 yet. Boxers get better with age dude.
            People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.