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  • Critique my workout style!

    Alrighty, so I've been making steady progress for a little over a year now. My original goal was to reach 170 lbs, which I've done (I'm 5'11" -- I used to weigh 145lbs). I wouldn't mind gaining a little more. I understand the basics of progressive overload, so I know I'll have to lift heavier to gain more. I eat 3,000+ calories on workout days and around 2,500 on rest days. I workout three days a week. Here's my most recent workout:

    SET 1 (x4)

    10 pull-ups
    10 divebomber push-ups

    SET 2 (x4)

    10 dips
    10 shoulder presses

    SET 3 (x4)

    10 twisting push-ups
    10 straight leg deadlifts

    SET 4 (x4)

    10 dumbell bear crawls
    10 triceps extensions

    Total of 320 reps.

    I did the first three sets with a weighted backpack. I don't want to pay for a gym membership, but I'll probably be steadily increasing the weights that I'm lifting, as well as the weight of the backpack. What do you guys think? I'm open to any suggestions.

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    For hypertrophy/strength, I'd recommend adding significant weight to the deads, dips, and pull-ups so that 6 reps is a real struggle. Other than that, a truly beastly workout.

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      Your workout style sucks

      you gotta squat


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        Originally posted by dado View Post
        Your workout style sucks

        you gotta squat
        Word. You wanna get bigger? Ditch the high rep stuff and start squatting. Go pick up Starting Strength.
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          Assuming that this is just one workout, and your others contain more legwork, it's a fine workout for gaining strength and endurance. If you want to get big, you have to lift big, with fewer reps per set. Aim for a 5-6 rep max, with 2-3 sets, and plenty of rest in between.
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            Thanks for the input guys! I definitely do a lot more squatting and deadlifting on other days of the week. I'll try upping the weight for a 6 rep max. Good suggestion!