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A new personal record.

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  • A new personal record.

    I dont know if this is the proper place or not but today I hit a personal record that I still cant believe.

    Back story from 99-2005 I lifted heavy heavy heavy but my bench press always was terrible. I havent any idea why, but it was awful. I never could feel it in my chest and always just hurt my front shoulder, no matter what i did. This used to really puzzle me because I could do dips with 90 lbs hanging off me, I could fly with heavy weights but couldnt bench.

    So from 06-010 I was boxing and training completely with body weight and conditioning drills. Lots and lots and lots of pushups and variations.

    So this week I went back to the gym to do a beginner workout. squats, bench, dead lift, chin/pullups

    This morning after a terrible squat day on monday (which used to be my lift) I wasnt very hopeful for bench seeing how my best lift ever was 225 for 1 I warmed up and started with 95 on the bar and it felt like air, put 135 on the bar felt like nothing 185 on the bar little harder, 205 this isnt bad, 225 for 6.

    I am elated because me not lifting iron for nearly 6 years and just getting back to training a couple months ago, im effectively a noob with muscle memory. I should be hitting up 300 lbs within 6-8 months

    So the moral of the story (this is what I have figured out lately) New trainees to iron should spend 6months to a year doing nothing but body weight movements to train the body how to workout and use the muscles correctly.

    So with any luck my dl will be good on friday and I will save some face from Monday's horrible squat day.

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    Congrats, this is a great result! See how it goes with squat & deadlift. With luck your legs will catch up fast.
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      Squat on Monday was horrible, I had 95 on the bar and I still can hardly walk. I suppose it could have been a left over effect from the recovery sugar hangover I had on sunday, where I was begging to be struck down by

      My old workout journal still in my gym bag from jan 06 I squatted 455 for 6..I have a ways to go to catch up lol


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        Those are some big numbers! Just curious: how much do you weigh? And what type of bodyweight training did you do in your absence from barbell lifting?


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          Thanks. Im currently way 220 and about 19% bf

          I trained with p90x since getting back into lifting in November. Prior to that (when I was training) I was following a routine outlined by Ross Training which was strength and conditioning focused for fighters.

          I learned when I got into fighting that all that muscle needs oxygen and paid dearly training
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            Gives you a high five!
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              Nicely done.


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                Dl's tomorrow, Im not going to kill myself attempting to pull heavy weight. Im going to keep the reps up relatively high for a few weeks.


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                  Another plus is Im wearing my 33 waist pants today for the first time in 2 years