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Body by Science for teens?

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  • Body by Science for teens?

    Hey guys,

    I read Body by Science a few weeks ago and have done two weeks of the once weekly workouts. I was just wondering if that's best for teens, or if I should be doing it more often. I need to gain both fat and muscle. I can't, however, do the gym workouts. Instead, I do push ups with weights on my back, pull ups and chin ups, and than squats with a bag of chains on my back. Is this close enough to what the book describes?

    THanks for your help!

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    You do the best you can with what you have. A gym or proper equipment would be far better to do this program. That said, if you are properly stimulating growth and are getting stronger each workout then you are on the right track. Your body has no idea what the resistance is. It could be a machine, a barbell or a bag of rocks. If you are working the muscles and getting good contractions with each exercise then you should see progress. Especially being a beginner. Eventually you'll want to find a gym that works for you. Nowadays there are gyms popping up that are very inexpensive to join and they have more than enough equipment to get a good workout in.