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    Signed up for office charity boxing match
    Haven't fought in about 15 years
    used to kickbox, but was never great with my hands and had a habit of blocking with my nose

    been primal for about a year now, weight about 145 at 5'4. I'd guess that I'm about 18% bf at the moment, but that's mostly a guess. (have some abs, but not a 6 pack).

    been strength training following a bit of a leangains sort of protocol-- 2 or 3 times a week.
    minimalist high intensity sort of stuff.

    haven't done much cardio in a while. (about to start)

    have about 2 1/2 months to train.

    suggestions on a conditioning program?

    not exactly sure what my plan is.

    thinking of doing:
    one day lift
    second day cardio (high intensity 3 minutes on, 2 off, like the rounds-- running or jump rope)
    third day shadowbox/box
    throw in rest where necessary

    I'm really not sure though.

    am 35 and shadowboxing for 3 minute rounds damn near killed me the other day

    any ideas would be greatly appreciated

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    It's charity, so don't kill yourself in the process.

    I think what you're doing is fine, throw in some sledgehammer against a tire for rounds if you can gather the hammer and tire. Try to swing it for a minute, then rest, work your way up to 2-3 minutes as you would in a regular round. Keep shadow boxing, if you have access to one hit the heavy bag also for rounds.
    I only have experience training in Muaythai, but that's what I would do.

    Find a hill and sprint as well, I would suggest doing maybe 5-6 dashes as opposed to the commonly prescribed 10. My (un-tested) theory is that if you do less dashes, you may be able to do 2 sprint sessions (instead of one) since you shouldn't be totally spent the next day, but don't sprint the very next day! still take 2-3 days in between.

    You can also do other conditioning/HIIT drills, you basically want to be able to constantly move and be active like you would through the rounds so I'd devote most of your time to actually doing that. If you have focus mitts get someone to do a few rounds with you.
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      +1 on some form of HIIT
      I'm assuming everybody else in the tourney will not have boxed for years and years as well, so the first goal will be to not poop out
      Next would be to get your boxing chops back.... can you find a sparring partner?

      I dont' know about the day 2 cardio you have listed... Unless you're goin' all spider-monkey on your opponent there will be burst of high intensity activity interspersed with movement, during which time you rest.

      I haven't sparred in a couple of years, but the main thing that helped me was to get used to working at a high heart rate. Then I could stay focused even when working at that level. Evil training tip: work out with your mouthguard in so you get used to breathing through it!
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        Rowing machine if you have access to one. A round will make you winded fast if you're not ready for it. That was my original reason for joining Crossfit, I just got too winded when sparring Karate.


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          With such a short time to prepare I'd say your best bet is:

          1. Sparring
          2. Hill Sprints
          3. Bodyweight conditioning drills - press ups, squats, box jumps, pull ups, sit ups and burpees. Done in 3 minute rounds.
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            this was good stuff-- been wanting to say "thanks"

            dropping down my lifting to more of a once a week body by science sort of thing--- rest of the week will be boxing/cardio focused