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  • My first LHT day

    Hey all. I finally decided to get in on the primal fitness. I've lost 22 pounds since August eating primal, and not exercising at all. I didn't KNOW at the time what I was doing was primal, never even heard that word until November or so. But I was diagnosed with adrenal exhaustion and told blood sugar management was one of the keys to healing. I had also just Read Taubes' Good Calories, Bad Calories. So the conclusion I came to was no grain/sugar/potatoes, and to eat simply avoiding AS and other additives. (Detox was important to my healing as well). But I was also not supposed to do much in the way of exercise---rest was more important. And my energy was so low I simply couldn't.

    I am doing SO much better. I found this site about a month ago, and finally read the Fitness e-book.

    This morning I did the wall push-ups, squats, elevated jack-knife press, and knee-hand front and side planks. No chin-up bar, so for now, just can't do that one.

    I'm so weak! But I'll get strong. Even though I've lost the weight I want, and am at goal (130, 5'4"), I am flabby. Can't wait to see the difference.

    How long did it take before you started to notice improvement in strength? And do you really only need to do the LHT exercises 2 x a week? I plan to walk tomorrow. Gotta love these mild winter temps to be able to get out.

    One more question about sprinting--what can you do for this, just starting out, when you simply can't run? I get shin splints very bad if I try--and then I can't even walk.
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    I just started my fitness portion today too! I do believe following the Primal Blueprint Fitness will let us see great results if we are starting as not exactly fit. I am thrilled that Mark has provided us with so many options. While I can do 50 regular squats easily I can't do a pull-up or a "real" push-up. I also will be adding a weekly yoga session only because I love yoga and how I feel during and afterward.

    As for sprints, as a kinda-runner I suggest finding some form of barefoot shoes. I wear Merrills as the Vibrams and my toes just don't get along. You don't have to be able to sprint long or far, just start at the beginning. Try a 10 second sprint 6 or 8 or 10 times with some walking/recovery time in between, or 5 seconds if that's what you can manage. And once a week is perfect on sprints. Runners usually have sprint sessions weekly while training for something. And your sprints won't look like someone else's sprints. Your sprint speed might be the equivalent of a 12 minute mile. Who cares?? You'll get better as time goes on. Just keep your daily walks at a good pace.

    Or you could walk incredibly fast if that's better to start. Just get the heart rate up really high. Again, improvement comes with time.

    We are going to get strong!! can't wait!!
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      Tip for beginners: You can't do too many of the PB starting exercises! When people say, 'Only workout 3 times a week' they are talking about lifting weights. When it comes to pushups, situps, planks, pullups, let your body be your guide. Try not to go to failure, but stop a few reps short. Muscle memory is huge in getting started. Drop and do a couple pushups whenever you get a chance. I try to do 100 pushups before every meal. I do them in 4 sets of 25, with a minute or two between sets.

      You won't truly get huge or ripped from body weight takes iron for that, but bodyweight stuff will get you a long way from the sedentary slob you once were!


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        I am in a similar boat...I lost about 20 lbs and got down around my goal without exercising at all, but felt pretty weak.

        I started to feel stronger after about 3-4 weeks. And yes, you really only need to LHT about 2x a week! You don't want to train when sore and for me I'm always sore for a couple of days after a good workout.

        I lift once a week, play hockey once a week for a couple of hours and count that as a bit of sprinting, and then try to get out for some ultimate or soccer or general running around once or twice too, because I have so much energy from all the fat I eat lol.

        I used to get shin splints from running too, and knee pain even though I've never really injured my knees that I can recall. That was all in conventional running shoes. About a year ago I got on the barefoot train and you could not pay me to go back to thick soled trainers. My shins are so thankful, and I have definition in my calves for the first time I can ever recall. The important part in learning to barefoot is paying attention to your foot strike. You don't want to go out and heel strike in a barefoot shoe. It took me some time to get comfortable with the fore/midfoot strike, it's a little weird at first. The first time it clicked for me was the first time I tried a barefoot all out sprint. You really just have to get up on your toes!

        I love the VFFs (vibram five fingers if you haven't seen the acronym) and they are my preferred barefoot shoe. I have Merrill trail gloves for work, they're nice but I don't really run in them often. The VFFs really allow your toes to spread out and while the Merrill barefoot shoes have much wider toe boxes than conventional shoes, they still aren't quite wide enough for my liking.

        I don't have a chin-up bar either, but I do live near a school playground with bars I can do pull-ups/chin-ups on for free!

        The thing that really blows my mind is that I used to go to the gym 3x a week when eating a SAD and never lost a pound, never gained any visible muscle definition, and never seemed to get any stronger. Now that I eat paleo, gaining muscle is so much easier it scares me a little bit


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          Originally posted by PrimalBaker View Post
          I just started my fitness portion today too! I do believe following the Primal Blueprint Fitness will let us see great results if we are starting as not exactly fit. I am thrilled that Mark has provided us with so many options. While I can do 50 regular squats easily I can't do a pull-up or a "real" push-up. I also will be adding a weekly yoga session only because I love yoga and how I feel during and afterward.
          If you're into yoga and working up to pushups and eventually pull-ups, a good pose to use is chaturanga. I do it as part of the sun salutation sequence.
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            Thanks for the thoughts all. I've had this shin splint problem since 9th grade. I blame gymnastics--the vault specifically. All that running and pounding couple with high arches. I'll get them even from a full day of walking too.

            We live on a farm, so walking is often done in pastures or on our gravel drive. Can you really wear the barefoot shoes on that?

            This week, I'm looking at M-LHT, T-walk, W-rest (maybe LHT), Thur-Sprint, Fri-LHT, Sat-walk.


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              I wore my VFFs to hike the Delaware Water Gap this past fall, it wasn't super pleasant after a few hours, but I'm also not used to hiking lol


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                I'm on week three of doing the PB Fitness LHT. I only lift twice a week - and I started to see improvements at the end of week two. I also started out very weak (still weak!) but am slowly moving up in difficulty for some of the moves. You'll get there, don't worry!


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                  Ooh boy. Did my first sprints today. I just went back and forth across the front yard, with my dd timing. Sprinted for 10 seconds, then walked for 10-15 seconds. I made it to 6 reps, and had to quit. Man, that was a lot harder than I thought. It was cold too, so breathing hard made my lungs hurt.

                  But I did it, and I'll do it again next week.

                  Read a bit more on the PBF and I think I didn't rest long enough between. Missed that part about breathing normally before starting again. So I'll incorporate that next time.


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                    If you don't have access to a pull/chip up bar, then do what I have been doing for the winter months...Bent Rows! Maybe they are not a perfect replacement for pullups, but it's better than skipping that muscle group altogether. If you don't have a dumbbell, a kettle bell works, too, which is what I use.

                    Also, if you are as weak as you say you are, you probably can't do a pullup anyway (neither can I) and I find the Bent Row works better for me as I have been slowly upping the weight I lift whereas with a pullup it's kind of all or nothing. I know, I know do the "assisted" ones but I can never really feel comfortable gauging my progress with those b/c it's so hard to keep the amount of "assist" consistent. I'm hoping by the time it gets warm and I get back into going up to the local elementary school playground to LHT that I will at least be able to do some negatives.

                    Here's a link on how to: How To: Dumbbell Bent-Over Row - YouTube If you don't like that one, there's only a gazillion of them out there if you do a search.

                    And, yeah, on sprints you want to let yourself get to where you're breathing normal again. You really want to be able to pour "everything you got" into each one. If you don't rest enough, eventually you won't be sprinting, you'll just be running fast and that's not the point of sprints. Depending on things that might take 2-3 minutes, but as you get more fit you'll "rebound" quicker.

                    Keep it up!
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                      Thanks for the link! I can add those for sure until I can figure out a pull-up option. And you are right, I wouldn't be able to do one anyway.

                      I'll make sure to rest more when I do sprints next week. By the last one, I really couldn't give it everything, and it was more of a jog. Probably should have stopped at 5.

                      Realizing how out of shape I am is hard for me. I'm 46, but when I was younger, I was an active dancer, and was in amazing shape--strong legs, strong core, graceful strong arms (I still couldn't have done a pull-up though, lol). 4 kids and 20+ years of being a stay-at-home mom with too much to do for others to focus on myself much, and here I am.

                      I really like the PBF though. It's quick, I can fit it in in the short snatches of time I have, and I can work up at my own pace without having to go through a period of not being able to move because I'm so sore.

                      Busy day tomorrow, so it's a planned rest day--but I may get in some moving slowly browsing the mall with my dd.