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Leg tingling when bending at the hips

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  • Leg tingling when bending at the hips

    I get an annoying tingling feeling in my leg and foot when I bend at the hips. It happens when I do jackknife presses, forward folds, and some other yoga poses, mainly in my right leg.

    Does anybody know what's causing it, and what I should do about it?

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    Where is the tingling? I'm guessing the outside of the thigh? The lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which provides touch sensation to the skin of the outside of the thigh, runs through the inguinal ligament and can be compressed, especially with extreme hip flexing. Google meralgia paresthetica


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      Actually, the tingling is primarily in my foot, and there is no pain.


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        Check your Piriformis. (both). If you just bend down at the waist (straight back) and come back up do you feel yourself activating those muscles? thrusting your hips foward a bit? Roll them out and see if they hurt like hell. Its possible they're strained-ish and impinging your sciatic ne


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          Have you now or in the past had any history of lower back issues?
          I would be very careful. This could be the result of pressure on one of the spinal nerves, or spinal cord in the lower lumbar spine. The moves you are doing may be increasing the pressure on the nerve tissue.
          Get checked by a qualified professional. If this involves a disc the problem could get worse quickly.
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