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    I can never get my right knee to track over the ankle, I can't even force it into the proper position(which I hear you aren't supposed to do anyway). When I walk my left foot is always pointed straight, the right one points slightly to the right. When I try to do anything single-legged the right knee always goes inward and I can't keep any balance. Kinda sucks because my stronger, balanced left leg always bulks up quicker than the right but I can't do single-leg work to balance them out. When I squat I have to keep my feet pointed very wide out because that's how the right one needs to be in order for me to get low.

    Butt wink has been a very big issue for me too but it's come a long way since I started trying to stretch my hips more. Knee-ankle alignment has not changed, someone told me the two were related but maybe not? I doubt it's my shoes, for the last two years I'm probably barefoot 70% of the time and usually in Uggs or 5fingers when I'm not.

    Does anyone know anything I can do to fix my tracking issue?

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    I should also mention I have flat feet, although they've never caused me pain or anything.


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      Have a look on MobilityWOD best place to find a solution. or on Facebook here

      My training journal if anyone is interested

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        I have the same exact issue as you. Mine has gotten progressively worse over the years even with "corrective exercise" and foam rolling. I think for some people its just inevitable(structural). I just got my hockey skate blades adjusted for my overpronation actually.
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          Monster walks:

          Cured my knee tracking problem after I broke my ankle a couple of years ago.
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            Stretching can go a long way but I think you might have way bigger issues going on.

            You might have some actual structural issues with your foot though. I would recommend seeing a podiatrist that works with athletes for this. My knees track inward when I squat and I am very flexible. I had some foot issues and got orthodics made for me....put them on and then I track perfectly. I did the minimalist shoe thing for several months went thorough the pain associated with the body getting used to being barefoot again etc. Well after about 5 months strait of this minimalist shoes guess what? My knees track inward when I squat! I use the orthodics and boom knees track perfectly.

            Yes it sucks having to rely on orthodics but if your car only had one set of tires for life and one of them was off balance by 2%.....then you need to fix the problem or after some time it will become a problem.


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              Thanks everyone!

              Upon studying myself further I realized that when I stand I distribute my weight differently on each foot, and on the trouble foot most of my weight is placed on the inner side of the arch(the arch also looks more collapsed on that foot). I just did a lunge forward with the troubled right foot and saw that if I do it and focus on keeping the weight on the rest of the foot that my knee wasn't going all the way inward to the left. Another piece of the puzzle!