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How do crossfit and primal go together?

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  • How do crossfit and primal go together?

    I mean, if you weren't thinking about fitness would you torture yourself for it? Grok probably did the bare minimum required to get by.
    Sure, he would occasionally need to do some excruciatingly tiring thing to survive, but not everyday and not unless it was absolutely necessary.

    I just don't get it. It seems exactly like what Mark describes as chronic cardio.
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    they don't. some crossfitters realized they felt fck-awesome on paleo and it became gospel

    or, to be contrary

    primal goes with evvvvverything
    yeah you are

    Baby if you time travel back far enough you can avoid that work because the dust won't be there. You're too pretty to be working that hard.


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      A lot of athletes tend to move towards things that provide optimization for their sport. I know several pro and amateur athletes that do crossfit because the training not only provides both aerobic an anaerobic conditioning, but it also isn't very boring. It has nothing to do with being "paleo/primal"
      However, if they tend to find optimal training for their sport then they will usually gravitate to the optimal diet for the same reasons. This works in reverse as well, if they start Paleo and then move into cross-fit for optimized training.
      These are athletes that I am talking about - training 6 days/week about 2 to 6 hours/day. Not some dude that sits at a desk for 8 hours per day and thinks he is Captain Bad Ass because he goes to a box 3 times per week and does the same thing that everyone else does.
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        Alex Good: I would argue Crossfit is far from "chronic cardio." I'm not sure how familiar you are with Crossfit but most workouts are in the 10- to 15-minute range. Some workouts are even shorter. Moreover, there are variations within Crossfit itself, such as Crossfit Endurance or Crossfit Football.

        To answer your question, though, I think a sensible application of Crossfit can work well with a Primal fitness plan. Maybe do Crossfit workouts a couple of times a week and follow other Primal fitness guidelines on the side.

        And don't forget you don't HAVE to follow anything 100%, be it a nutrition plan, fitness plan, or anything else. I think most of us, myself included, often get so wrapped up in following whatever guidelines to the letter we lose sight of the bigger picture. I've always felt it's best to take what works for you and throw away the rest. So if you like doing Crossfit workouts who should tell you not to do them?

        Just my two cents...


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          I would never have stopped sprinting at random, climbing things and crawling through bushes if my culture hadn't deemed them unworthy. Why do you think Grok was boring and lazy? Tribes play tons of physically demanding games daily. While crossfit probably goes way too far, it's obvious to me that humans are designed to move. A lot. Primal Blueprint would easily exclude Crossfit at large for the stressful nature and physical damage. No reason not to take some of what crossfit has to offer and incorporate it into your life, though.
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            Originally posted by Alex Good View Post
            Grok probably did the bare minimum required to get by.

            Any reasoning about what "Grok did" has to be about what Grok HAD TO DO to live and reproduce. What Grok would have liked to do has nothing to do with anything. Ever. Besides which, we know nothing about what Grok would have liked to do and very little about what he had to do, so the whole thing is just mental masturbation.
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              It's also very, very obvious that humans need vigorous movement in order to be healthy. And anyhow, crossfit isn't recommended as "primal exercise" it's more that primal eating is recommended to crossfitters.
              If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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                Yes as someone said Crossfit workouts are short, and also they are not even cardio every time. Sometimes we do our 1 Rm for say bench press.
                Then the next workout will be 20 mins or so with some cardio some strength.


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                  Originally posted by Knifegill View Post
                  Primal Blueprint would easily exclude Crossfit at large.
                  Would it?

                  P90X and CrossFit | Mark's Daily Apple

                  That looks like a very positive review of it with some valid criticism.


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                    Its short, intense, constantly varied, tribal and fun. Thats reason enough for me. Add to that that I have some SERIOUS muscle in my hips and thighs that I didn't have perviously and I'm pretty happy. Now if I can get my arm to heal up (tendonitis = almost gone and weird muscle sprain thing = lots better; neither injury from crossfit either) so I can start working on developing my pullups and pushups again I'll be super happy!


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                      I also like Crossfit because it is fun (for me) and a social thing--working out at my CF box with the usual folks who come in creates a kind of bond from working hard together, and we support and encourage each other as well as laughing and joking around a lot. It's a community thing for me as well as an exercise thing. I work at home most of the time (yay thesis!) so I like having people that I go hang out with three times a week while we heave heavy stuff around. For me, that aspect of it feels kind of primal too. Also, it motivates me in a way that working out solo just doesn't do.

                      And really, if you're going to put yourself through all that, eating well and sleeping well is really, really important. Primal living helps a lot with supporting any sort of athletic activity. A lot of primal Crossfitters started out with CF and went primal, not the other way around, because a lot of boxes suggest some sort of paleo and we end up wandering over to MDA or another primal/paleo site to check it out or borrowing the book from someone.
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                        Been doing 2 crossfit workouts per week with 2 days weight training as well, the weight training is getting a bit mundane recently so i'm going balls out crossfit for a few weeks. I REALLY enjoy it, it's over in 20 minutes leaving me more time to be outside.

                        It creates havoc with my appetite though, you cannot feed me after these sessions, no amount of food is enough at times!
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