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My twist to the 5 essential movements workout.

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  • My twist to the 5 essential movements workout.

    Ok, so the inspiration for this workout came from Marks Primal Blueprint Fitness book (obviously) the fibonacci number sequence and my propensity to over complicate things. The fibonacci sequence is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34 ect. More info on that here: Fibonacci Numbers, the Golden section and the Golden String

    It is basically a pyramid ciruit involving 4 of the 5 essential movements. I try to keep my core contracted with all the movements so I don't really plank but feel free to chuck in a plank variation if you feel the need. In fact feel free to mess around with everything if you want.

    The core premis is the pyramiding of fibonacci numbers, so everything else is variable.

    At the moment im on level 4 in all essential movements except overhead press, where im on level 6.

    I start the curcuit with a pushup, then a pullup, then two squats, then two pushups, then a chinup (i alternate between pulls and chins), then three squats, then a half handstand pushup..... ect ect. (I've attatched a table at the end of the post. It'll help you grasp the concept easier.) Until I peak out at 8 pushups, 5 pullups, 13 squats, 3 half handstand pushups, and then work back down the pyramid. Strict form is absolutely essential. This is the '1st degree' of my progression.

    I'll continue with this workout every three days until I feel the intensity of the routine diminishing to a point where its 'easy', then I'll bump up one degree. So instead of peaking at 8 pushups, it'll be 13. Insead of peaking at 13 squats, it'll be 21, ect. (But only after finishing on a fibonnaci number. So if I feel I've mastered the 1st degree after 6 workouts, I'll do another 2 just to reach the fibo number 8, If I master it on 4, i'll do one more to finish on fibo number 5).

    Then when the intensity of that routine diminishes I'll bump it up one more time. To the '3rd degree'. And when I master that, I'll move to the next essential movement level and start from the beginning, the 1st degree. Rinse and repeat.

    I hope that this explanation hasn't been too convoluted.

    Any questions or ideas, let me know.
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    I think thats really cool, sounds like you're a nerd like me.

    You could always work your way down the pyramid to add in more reps, kind of like warm up and cool down sets.

    Also 34 pull ups in one set would be bad ass if you go for it. or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

    Be strong to be useful


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      It's not a pyramid, it's a slice of Phi!