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Since going Primal, I don't give a damn about "appearing" big.

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  • Since going Primal, I don't give a damn about "appearing" big.

    I've always been functionally minded in my workouts - well not always - but for the most part, I've had the opportunity to have some good training from someone who really knew his stuff. I used to...way way long time ago - bodybuild. And yea. That is such a waste of all things.
    But since going primal, its like I've started listening to my body, started basing things not on aesthetics, but even moreso on function. On what will benefit me. On what my body was designed for, and on how it will be optimally healthy. That is my new mindset which just sort of came about. Like I said before I was already sorta like this, only did the compound lifts that would have some functional crossover. I cared more about function than size...but still would be sure to eat extra and occasionally do some crap exercises just designed to size me up a bit.

    I decided to finally let it all go now. Its all bodyweight, compound and functional stuff. In my mind size or anything aesthetic doesn't even get factored into the equation. its about speed, strength, power, energy..and athletic performance. Whatever I look like, will be a result of that. (and it's always a pretty goddamned good looking result).

    Just felt like this was an insight I came across today.

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    I suspect that what people think of today as a cut, ripped, built, hot, body is somewhat cultureally constructed.

    I suspect that a body build from compound and fuctional work (when I say fuctional I mean useful is moving about in daily life, even the odd extreme) and/or a body build by something movnat-ish would be on a more visceral, primal level that better looking body. Not too big, nothing standing out, all in proportions based on natural movement, thats what should be most attactive. or on Facebook here

    My training journal if anyone is interested

    Be strong to be useful


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      As a female, I find that once you start seeing functional bodies, the bodybuilder physiques look unnatural and vain (although I know how much discipline it takes to get a body like that!)..... that and seeing a lot of bodybuilder-types get their faces pounded in by wiry guys in the octagon! You know the guy with the poofy delts is going down.
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        To illustrate the point, here is Fedor Emelianenko (my favourite fighter) versus Jeff Monson. Jeff is heavily muscled and looks like a 'typical' gym-rat. Fedor, in most peoples eyes, doesn't even really look in shape:

        And here's Jeff after the fight:

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          I believe it.

          I believe it. I can now row on a single dumbell (bent over bench row) 125 lbs. That is with one arm, on each side, for sets of about 5 or 6. For a 1RM, I could probably go as high as 140. I can't attribute it to all being Primal, mostly to Olympic lifts, the clean and jerk, and some light snatch lifts. The results speak for themselves. But it doesn't matter - its all the same principle. Natural, functional lifts make the body extremely strong and powerful.

          I have seen much heavily muscled guys who I'd be willing to bed could not budge the weight. And when I lift, I engage my whole core, my muscles are not even fatigued afterward. I've had guys tell me "that is amazing" or "you're crazy" or "how do you do it". I am 6'3"..about 200 lbs. and pretty lean, although I have a natural good build.
          A functional, natural build will trump anything on the battlefield, any day.


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            I gave up on trying to "get big" a long time ago. Now I just want to look good naked.

            I love Fedor. It's amazing how calm he looks during his fights.


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              I would be interested to know what your workouts look like?


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                Sarah, sure! No problem... The secret to my workouts is that I don't really plan them out or keep to a rigid structure like most people do. I like to have fun! You can literally take the same logic of going primal, and what that is to diet - and apply the same line of thinking to workouts.

                Is it functional? Will this exercise enhance and create force-couple relationships of muscle groups? Will it increase proprioception of mechanoreceptors; ie balance, coordination, speed and flint spark reaction times? I think like this constantly and it is why I do lots of pull-ups, squats, deadlifts and multi joint compound exercises. Handstand push ups, rows....sometimes I get creative with the bosu and do plank and side plank variations, physio ball core work, medicine ball slams, twists and turns. Core is all about activation - you want to activate it and the point is not to "wear it out", because it doesn't train like the other muscle groups do. You want to "light it up" so to speak , so that it is awake and responsive during your workouts, to do what it was designed to do - stabilize your body during intense movements and while handling massive amounds of weight and massive acceleration and decceleration.

                Every now and then when I feel like it I will break out into a full on sprint around the track, or alternate sprinting with light jogging. jumps..speed rope. I really do all of these things throughout the week. And at least once a week like I have said - I set 1 day to do the Olympic lifts. Hanging cleans, split jerks and I am working on improving my snatch lift.

                Just like with the have to develop a feel for what feels right for you, where you want to go. Your body will tell you what it feels like, what you need. Listen to it. Hope this helped!


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                  Cool thanks. I don't like to plan either! but I do like to workout each day!