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the official OFFICIAL rec league basketball thread

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  • the official OFFICIAL rec league basketball thread

    week three of season, going into tonight 0-2 but we have leroy back because he switched shifts at his job. he's another big body, something we've been missing, but he has some weird inclination to take the ball up, and no one can change his mind about this when he should really be banging down low.

    i'm going in some pounds lighter than last game, so look for me to come up big. i've been working hard on finding a rhythm so attacking the hoop early will be important. my focus is on taking it hard to the hole and maintaining strong hands as i go up.

    secondary focus is crashing the boards like a beagle hound.

    i'm gonna play ugly, like kirilenko. ftw.

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    we got blown out again.

    this kid johnny is our point guard and he's a great one-on-one player, but he's way too fast for our team. he puts his head down and jets.

    we have no flow, no chemistry, it looks like 5 guys randomly thrown together out there.

    it sucks, man. gotta do something.


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      i'm not getting any calls at all, every time i went up i drew contact but the refs fucking suck.

      bullshit, man.


      • #4 hockey! Lol I'm 5'4 so all I ever did in basketball was shoot three pointers. Got pretty good.
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