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  • Bodyweight HIIT

    Anyone here doing bodyweight only HIIT?? My routine kinda goes like this

    1. jump rope
    2. burpees
    3. push ups
    4. hindu squats
    5. jumping jax
    6.mountain climbers
    7. pullups
    8. dips.

    Kicks my like 40/20 intervals

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    I downloaded a app called gorilla workout on my iPhone its pretty good i add some running to it... hope this helps


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      I think that would kill me. If I were to try it, and I might just for shits and grins, I would order it from hard to easy.
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        HIIT is killer no matter what movement you chose to do with it.
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          Ross training (thats what he calls it) but he has a book called never gymless. When i was fighting (switching from bodybuilding) I had to get in condition. He has a million exercises and videos on youtube and such.

          I prefer HIT workouts over anything else now.

          I used to do (with gymboss timer)

          1 min flat out sprint
          active res pushups for 30 sec
          1 min sprint
          active rest jumping jacks
          1min sprint
          active rest hello dollies

          I love training that way or my other favorite find the steepest hill in town sprint to the top and do sand bag press's for active rest


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            What are you guys thoughts on stuff like Zuzana isn't with bodyrock anymore (she seems to be starting her own thing over here). I'd love to start sprinting outside but cold weather REALLY irritates my lungs- whenever I move fast outside I prefer spring/summer evenings once its darker and cooler.

            Would one or two >20 minute workouts a week done in a bodyweight/bodyrock style be sufficient for HIIT, as long as I was kicking my ass and pushing hard? Stuff like bodyweight squats, jump rope, burpees, mountain climbers, etc. I don't have a dip station and while we have a pull up bar, I can't do pull ups. Someday, hopefully :/

            Edit: And if anyone has seen Bodyrock before but been weirded out by the filming style (while Zuz has an incredible body, zooming in on T+A was a little weird), it would appear she's got a brand new filming team that isn't her husband and will hopefully not be as... invasive ;P


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              I'll throw a plug for SimpleFit in here. It incorporates some elements of HIIT with a simple but motivating system of levels. Beat one level, move on to the next MUCH HARDER level.


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                I pretty much do PBF in HIIT style, i usually knock out the work out in about 20 minutes.. and then I'm toast for hours.


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                  I just downloaded Funk Roberts Spartacus Bodyweight workout plan.
                  7 different workouts.
                  Week 1 you do MWF rest T TH Sat and Sun.
                  Week 2 you do M T Th F rest W Sat and Sun.
                  Week 3 you do M T W Th F rest Sat and Sun.
                  Week 4 you do M to Sat and rest Sun.
                  Then take a week to two weeks off and repeat if you want to the exercises again.
                  10 exercises per workout.
                  Beginner level you to 30 secs work and 15 sec rest complete all 10 exercises. Take 90 sec rest then repeat 2 more times.
                  Intermediate level is the same but it is 45 sec and 15 sec rest and advanced is 60 sec and 15 sec rest.
                  Its pretty intense. Hopefully I can keep it up at the intermediate level for the whole month.

                  Good thing is the program is free.

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                  January 2010
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                    That looks like a tough routine! How much weight did you lose?


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                      Well it's still my first week, but it is really fun and I am enjoying it.
                      Monday was the first workout I've done in a long time that wore me out so much that I thought I was gonna throw up.
                      Its fun and great for if you have to travel a great deal for work. This way you can do a workout no matter where you are because no equipment is needed (not even a pull up bar).

                      Pre Primal
                      January 2010
                      215 LBS 40 in waist

                      170 LBS 36 in waist
                      Goal (1) Look Great Naked (and visible abs)
                      Goal (2) More defined muscles and functional strength
                      Goal (3) Achieving Mastery level in Convict Conditioning


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                        I do my own combo's as well as bodyrock's and zwow's. I have about 20+ variations that I go through. Keep surprising my body. A workout might look like:

                        Day or ALT -Pyramid 8 sets, 7 sets..

                        sit-up 8,7..1 Switch lunges w/sandbag
                        rope 8,7..1 Supergirl pushups
                        push up 8,7..1 High Knees
                        rope 8,7..1 crunches
                        body row 8,7..1 push ups
                        switch lunge

                        Interval 24x - work this 3x through 50/10


                        1. Side lunge (from step) with pink sandbag - RT

                        2. Side lunge (from step) with pink sandbag - LFT

                        3. High knees/crunch down w/sandbag held chest level

                        4. Bicep curls with sandbag

                        5. Flys - dumbbells

                        6. Upright row - sandbag

                        7. Hanging leg raise -dip stand

                        8. Body row - dip stand

                        9. Crunch

                        10. Push up

                        11. Overhead press - dumbbell

                        12. Hammer curls - dumbbell

                        Interval 36 times 40/10 interval = 30 min workout

                        or as simple as:

                        10 man makers (burpees taking free weight above head)
                        10 regular burpees
                        10 sumo push ups
                        25 regular push ups
                        10 leg raises

                        3 rounds for time
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                          Jumping rope is a good warm up, but if you want to make it part of your work out do double-unders.
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