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This looks good - tramping (hill walking) to get strength

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  • This looks good - tramping (hill walking) to get strength

    This ebook looks great - from New Zealander Chris Highcock of Conditioning Research -
    Hillfit: Strength – the missing element in your training | Fitness for Hillwalking, Hiking and Backpacking In NZ bushwalking/hiking is called Tramping.

    * Why fitness is the ultimate piece of hillwalking kit
    * How getting stronger can give you more enjoyment from your time in the outdoors
    * How to train if you canít get to a gym
    * Why simple training is the best option
    * How strength makes everything easier, even walking
    * Why stronger muscles are more efficient
    * Why being stronger makes you less likely to get injured, making each walk safer
    * How strength training can make you healthier: fight the effects of ageing & burn body fat
    * Why strength training will give you stronger bones
    * How flexibility is built on strong muscles rather than stretching
    * Why balance is vital to walking and how it relies on strength
    * How strength training can give you improved cardiovascular fitness without boring hours on the treadmill
    * The simple principles that make muscles stronger
    * The reasons why not every activity should qualify as exercise
    * Why you still need develop skills as a walker
    * How exercise in the outdoors can banish depression
    * Key techniques to make every exercise more effective, even the humble pushup
    * How to choose safe and effective moves that the minimise the injury risk of training, leaving you fit for the hills
    * A simple routine of exercise, with harder options to try as you get stronger, that you can start to apply right now
    * Why you should not stretch before exercise and what you should do to warm up instead.
    F 58 / 170cms / SW 131.5 kgs / Current 112.4/ GW 65
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