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  • Top 5 Fitness Publications And /Or Authors

    In the interests of supplying a bank of information to those on here who might appreciate it I would like to offer my top 5 list of books / publications and also authors. This is a list of the literature and writers who I feel have most influenced my way of thinking and exercising over the years...for the better I might add.

    1) The Master Trainer ( A newsletter published and distributed on line by Richard Winett )
    2) HardGainer Magazine or any of the Brawn Book series by Stuart McRobert ( the magazine is no longer produced, but back issues available from CS Publishing )
    3) Congruent Exercise ( available on Amazon and ebay from Bill DeSimone )
    4) Challenge Yourself ( or any of the books by Clarence Bass )
    5) The Primal Blueprint ( Mark Sisson )
    These are my top five fitness authors and publications, they just happen to be combined.

    Honourable mentions must go to Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik and the newsletter Running Research News by Owen Anderson ( which I think is only available now online ).
    Dr Ken Leistner and Dave Maurice and Rich Ryden were also influential writers in HardGainer Magazine. Dr Ken also published his own newsletter The Steel Tip as well as writing in many other publications.
    Maybe other people could publish their top five. It would be interesting to see if there were any similarities. I suspect that Mark will make most...if not all the
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    Funny, I was just writing a blog post with a few of these.

    1.) Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength Forums
    2.) Talk to me Johnnie (John Welbourne of CrossFit Football; before you guys go off on the CrossFit thing, CrossFit Football is much more intelligently implemented; besides, this blog is a little more general about training than CFF; notice CFF is not on this list)
    3.) Elite FTS - Awesome stuff by very very serious performance oriented power lifters and football coaches. This stuff is more extreme than most of us are interested in, but it's good to learn from the best.
    4.) 70s big - Cuz they're funny too.
    5.) Beast Skills - I want some of these skills; good guides.
    Check out my blog at


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      My intention was never to criticise anyone's list choices, but instead to learn and perhaps be inspired to read stuff, based on other people's opinions, that I wouldn't have considered otherwise. Hopefully this post will provide a nice reference list for relevant publications and authors.


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        Mine would be:

        1) Enter the Kettlebell by Pavel Tsatsouline, you can read my review here, it is the first one in the link;
        2) Convict Conditioning by Coach Wade
        3) Clubbell Blackbook
        4) Sandbag Fitness materials by Josh Henkin
        5) Z Health materials by Eric Cobb


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          Thanks for that response Jeff.
          They are not the authors that I would pick but each to his / her own. I was trying to show in this thread that there are many ways to reach the top of the mountain, it's not good to be rigidly dogmatic and we can perhaps learn something valuable from sources we might not have otherwise considered.