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Anyone tried Primal Blueprint Fitness?

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  • Anyone tried Primal Blueprint Fitness?

    In the warmer months, I'm a runner. I run in lots of races, everything from 5k's to half marathons. I truly love it, so I don't view it as "chronic cardio." I wanted to give it a break this winter though, and have been pretty much unable to make up my mind about what to do....CrossFit? Pilates? Bikram? Etc. etc. after weighing all the options, including cost and convenience, I've decided to give Mark's program in the primal blueprint fitness book a try. I was wondering if anyone here has set out to follow the program and how you liked it. I just did my first day of "lift heavy things." I'm aiming for at least 5 hours of "moving slowly" per week, and I'll add in an additional day of strength. Trying to follow his suggestions pretty closely to see what the results are.

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    I love it. It's where I began when I finally built up enough energy to do more than just walk a few times per week. Mostly, I love how simple it is. I have a million things to juggle everyday, and to get a good workout week all I have to remember is 5 excercises, to be generally active on the other days, and to sprint once in a while? Bonus!

    Beyond the simplicity, I love that it actually works. And that there is a plan for progression and adaptation, so you don't stall out.


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      Good to know! Of course I want a good workout, but I want to keep it low key for awhile too as I've been involved in other strenuous exercise programs in the past other than running and got a bit burned out on the really intense workouts. Hence why I passed CrossFit up this time. I am excited to see if I will be just as happy doing "less." Of course eating clean is the most important thing....