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  • New to Primal Considering Jack Rack

    Hi: I'm just starting Primal and I'm 48-years-old. I worked out quite a bit when I was young, doing martial arts several years, working out in the gym. In 2010 after several years of basically being a couch potato I started the Mediterranean Diet and doing Hot Yoga to lose about 50lbs of fat. For most of 2011 though when I was not at work full time I had to care for my mother who was diagnosed with cancer, caring her became a second full time job and the yoga went by the wayside and I gained all the weight back.

    So anyway I realize the Jack Rack is just a gimmick, but do to my lifestyle and space limitations I think it is likely the best solution for me me for weight training. I walk between 2-3 miles daily with my dog. So the only things I need to add are 10 minutes of sprints every 7-10 days and weight training. I also hope that I can somehow fit yoga into being primal.

    If anyone has other suggestions I'd love to read them.

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    I would ditch the jack rack and get a pullup bar and a set of rings. With the rings on the bar you can adjust the height of them for inverted rows or angled pushups etc. Heck for the cost you could probably get a squat rack or a power rack which would do even more.
    I would then look at the primal fitness e-book or any other sourses on body weight training and go with that. For the cost savings you could even buy a kettle bell or two.
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      GR8ADVENTURE: I have a lot of experience with the JACKRACK and I'd like to share my two cents on this topic. This product really is the one stop shop for anyone seeking a home fitness system that doesn't take up much space. I've worked out in a gym for 18 years and I literally don't go anymore. I am 39 years old and weigh 195 and am very strong, lean and ripped...I get this all with the JACKRACK. The unique thing about this product is the enormous spectrum of exercises to work pretty much every muscle on your body. The is indeed a learning curve to "master" the JACKRACK but the DVD's that come along with it as well as the website (The JACKRACK - Home Gym Fitness Equipment : At Home Workouts Routines : Jim Stoppani : Kim Lyons : Full Body Workouts : Bodyweight Exercises Plan : Fitness Programs : Resistance Training) offer phenominal instructions. The guy that created the home workout program(s) is named Jim Stoppani and he is a bit of a legend in the fitness industry...he's the senior science editor for Muscle & Fitness Magazine and travels the world lecturing on nutrition and exercise. Mr. Stoppani has NEVER got behind a fitness product in his life and is super protective of his name and personal brand. So when you say "I realize the JACKRACK is just a gimmick"...I would think again...Stopanni doesn't do "gimmicks".

      And no offense to Dirlot or his comment but if he thinks that a pull up bar and set of rings can compare to the JACKRACK then he/she has not done their homework. Personally I've done over 70 of the JACKRACK exercises and I break them up into different cycles depending on the day of the week. I don't care how creative you are...that just can't be done on a pull up bar.

      Dirlot: I'm a big fan of creative home exercises...but the JACKRACK is like a Swiss Army Knife...its got everything all in one place.

      Obviously I'm a big fan of the product, its very much worth the price in my book. Good luck.


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        $400+!!!!! Nonsense.
        Or a pull up bar and a copy of the primal blueprint fitness guide for pocket change by comparison. You could even stretch to You Are Your Own Gym, Convict Conditioning and Never Gymless to go with your pull up bar and still likely get change out of $100 along with enough exercises to keep you going for years.
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          what the?

          400$ can get you a rack and a good amount of plates.