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★ ★ ★ Challenge Yourself: Do a Pull-Up in 2012 ★ ★ ★

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  • I collected together the key tips I spotted so far in this thread and posted here:

    Did I miss anything you'd consider worth archiving up front? Let me know! Thanks.
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    • Originally posted by Jenny View Post
      Huh, if I'm reading this description right, that sounds a little unnerving for me. If you end up letting go, aren't you going to have a head-and-shoulders drop to the floor? Might be better off using some kind of extension rope off the bar instead like iniQuity had in some of his earlier vids.
      The extension rope would work better. I've also never actually had to let go without getting my feet on the ground first, or had to worry about small critter that found their way underneath me. Like I said, if it doesn't seem safe in any configuration to you, don't do it. I don't want to be the cause of an ER run.
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      • ACHIEVED!! I can now officially consistently do 2-3 full body weight, unassisted pull-ups at a time. It feels awesome! I'll be working on it more, until I can claim my pull-up skills as one of the major reasons that I'm incredible.
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        • Please count me in as well. I've never had much upper body strength and was just telling my daughters that being able to do a pull up was a goal by year end so this is perfect to keep me motivated. Now I need to go back and read through this monster thread to see if anyone states what type of bars are good cause I'll need to go buy one.
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          2-14-12, Pull up challenge sign up!
          2-16-12, Slow Movement challenge begins! 5.7mi/9.17km

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          • I would like to add my name to this challenge. Used to be awesome in gym class years ago and now I just want to be able to do a pull up again and keep going.


            • Originally posted by Jenny View Post
              If you can't currently do an unassisted pull-up and you are ready to set this goal, this is the place for you! Reply to sign up.

              And for those of you who can already do pull-ups (either before now, or since joining this challenge), please do stick around and offer your sage wisdom and/or cheering from the top of that bar!

              First, a definition: "Pull-ups" are the type with your palms facing away; "chin-ups" with palms inward are easier for most people. But we're here to do a pull-up! (kipping or dead hang, just get that chin over the bar in an overhand grip without assistance.)

              Some encouragement

              Some of us have never done a pull-up before in our lives, while others are trying to get back in condition to do pull-ups again. Depending on condition, inherent and trained upper body strength, etc., some will achieve a pull-up right away and others may take all year (or longer!) to get to our goal. Just focus on what it takes to get there, and try not to be dismayed by how long it may take you to get there.

              The mere idea of officially signing up will be intimidating for some: "what if I can't do it by the end of the year?" I suggest that you sign up anyway as a way of making a commitment to yourself and as an additional reason to keep coming back here for tips and motivation.

              Come back to this page for updates

              You can come back to the first page any time for a synopsis because I'll continue editing the first few entries as follows:
              • This first post has the latest sign-up list.
              • The next replies below will include an ongoing summary of useful links and tips. I started with key items from the past thread and will add more from this current one.

              Rather than assume everyone from last year necessarily wants to compete again, here's a fresh list of participants. Reply to let me know and I'll add you to the list.

              2012 participants in alphabetical order. "★" means pull-up achieved!
              • abstractpersona
              • adameads
              • Aila
              • Angieh
              • betty301
              • bigbadrobbo
              • Busphan
              • Buzz71
              • Carolyn (iniQuity's GF)
              • Cassanina
              • charolais.bull
              • chelsealosingit
              • elainevdw
              • Ferti
              • geostump
              • GoLisaGo
              • HeyChelle
              • IvyBlue
              • Jenny
              • Kakes
              • kauz&effect
              • Kimelah
              • kkratz57
              • Knifegill
              • Lex26
              • Lily
              • mamacaz
              • Marianne
              • Melisa
              • Mike Gager
              • missblue
              • Mogs
              • naiadknight ★
              • OntarioGrrrl
              • pbj
              • PlastiqueFruit
              • primal4fifty
              • PrimalJosh
              • SavageCabbage
              • Shanster
              • Sigi
              • sigzephyr
              • SkyDaver
              • Sunlva
              • Swedish Eve
              • SweetPickles
              • thehallowprince
              • TobelikeGroketta
              • Tribal Rob
              • Turnstone
              • winencandy
              • wooty
              • yawaii34

              Read on for the lists of of resources and tips, and after that replies from the participant community.
              Is it too late to sign up? I would like to join this challenge.
              Originally posted by L8F
              ... I drank the fermented koolaid, and am totally on board...

              I'm alergic to carbs - they make me break out in fat!


              • I'm a complete newb...but I'm IN! I have a crap load of weight to lose too...and I'm not sure if my midget house (basement studio apartment, one awkward doorway into the bathroom with a ceiling height of less than 6') will be really friendly for this but I don't want to start off by making excuses. I'm just starting my Grok workouts and will get a bar to place between two chairs to substitute with Australian Pull-ups. I look forward to taking a look at all the other resources posted at the start of this thread!



                • Now falling slower and slower with one arm. Can actually stop and hold on the way down. Shouldn't be much longer before I can one-arm it!
                  Crohn's, doing SCD


                  • Hey Jenny can you add me to the list please


                    • Hey, this thread is awesome. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice and wanted to congratulate everyone on their commitment to being a better you.

                      Sign me up! I'm ordering my bar this week!
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                      • I haven't joined cos I'm as weak as water. But I've gone from hanging there to being able to pull up about a quarter the way! I don't do it very often, just whenever no one is around to wonder what on earth I'm doing (at school, on the big kids' monkey bars).


                        • I got my forehead to the bar Thursday. I just couldn't quite get my chin above it. I'm this ----><----- close to getting there. I'm putting a goal of doing it before April hits. My goal for the end of the year is 15 unassisted, from-dead-hang pullups.

                          I SO want that star next to my name...and soon!
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                          • Can I play on this thread if my goal is a one armed chinup?

                            Up to +30lb/set of five so far.


                            • Can I join!?!?!?

                              My Bar arrived yesterday and I put it straight up - I am NO WHERE NEAR being able to even begin to lift myself up!!!!

                              It might take some time......but I'm determined!!!


                              • I can get to nearly three chin ups in one go ... when that number gets a bit higher I'll focus more on the still elusive pull up
                                Believe and achieve.