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increasing speed of weight loss, fitness increase - rokgrok? Others?

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  • increasing speed of weight loss, fitness increase - rokgrok? Others?

    Hi all! I've been doing primal since about January and have made decent gains (started at 314 lbs, 39% fat and am now at 298 lbs, 35-36% fat). Admittedly, the first 3 months were transitional. In any event I'm good on the diet at least 90% of the time, am exercising (twice a week weightlifting intensely, 2-3 times a week walks of 2-5 miles with some short sprints).

    I had originally thought that the rate that I'm losing was slow, but ok - I'm generally losing 1-2 lbs a week usually fat. But now I see a lot of reports/blogs of folks who lost a lot more and faster. Any suggestions on how to speed up the process? It's hard to stay motivated. Some thoughts:

    Cut fruit? I generally eat fruit twice a day.

    More exercise or more intensity or varied?

    What worked for you other big guys? I've NEVER been lean - always was very heavy - and metabolically (it seems) very resistant to change. I just had a physical/blood panel and everything was normal.

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    Fat loss rates differ from person to person, the important thing is you are making progress. Your exercise looks fine so dont get drawn into the more is better mistake, chronic cardio and the like will play havoc with your eating.

    You could try manipulating your diet a little, insulin resistance may be a factor, so pay a little more attention to your carbohydrate intake, have your fruit just after you train. you could also even experiment with increasing fat in your diet. Remember the more muscle you build the more helpful to your metabolisim so it will only get easier. Stay the course, take your time, focus on what you've acheived. It will be worth it!


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      Ditto on WesternMan.

      I also have plateaus and have found that constantly 'shaking things up' really works for weight-loss on this 'plan'.

      This last week I did this: Low carb day (50 - 100g), Ketosis (0 - 50g), Low, Low, Ketosis, Low, refeed (100 - 150g), Ketosis, Meal, Ketosis, Low, Low, refeed, etc.

      I am currently doing intermittent fasting with one meal in between (and I feel fantastic BTW). I am on day two with only lemon water and a small meal in between.

      Even change up your exercise.

      I knocked out the fruit on days that I am focusing on weight-loss (or at least down to 1 serving).

      Of course, we need to focus on health, so do be sure to incorporate a vitamin supplement and do not do this 'extreme' cycle for too long (or at least in regards to cutting out too much fruit, we need it)


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        I started at over 300 lbs in february and am down currently to 250. I too have never been 'lean' and am working towards it. Here is my timeline:

        February: Dusgusted with myself for being over 300 lbs and not fitting into my XXL shirts or 40/42 waist pants anymore. Told by a doctor that I should get on blood pressure meds (I refused them). Promptly got rid of drinking anything other than water, and worked on portion control (eating 1-3 slices of pizza instead of the whole damn thing). I drastically cut down on salt out of fear. As for exercise, I got a job waiting tables 20 hours a week, so running my self stupid delivering seafood to people probably counts.

        March: Started a desk job, no more waiting tables. Didn't change my diet much other than nailing down portion control. Switched to eating 6 small meals rather than 1-3 large ones. That helped control hunger, but I was still eating processed crap. Mid march I began a fitness center class at the community college. twice a week with weight lifting and 20 mins of cardio. Began the class at 280~ish pounds, didn't weigh myself for the first time until a few weeks in, and by then was down to 267.

        April: Discovered the daily apple website (thank you stumble upon!!!!!) and began reading everything I could about it. Started changing my diet when possible to include primal foods, but still being a slave for "tasty" sugars and grains (first and foremost, chinese food and it's abuse of yummy sauces and rice). Learned about aerobic exercise from class: if you can say a full sentence, step it up, if you can't say 2 words without gasping, slow down. should be able to say 4-5 words comfortably before needing a breath for 'good' intensity and not switching to anaerobic. Also taught about using short speed bursts to raise heart rate, then lower back down to aerobic range (rather than back to resting).

        May - Current: Class ended in early may, I steadily lost a couple pounds a week, ending class at 264 lbs

        I switched to full on primal, but have only been able to maintain about 70/30 with it (there have been a lot of summer events with few primal options). I also only eat when hungry now (and it's hard to learn the difference between hungry and bored, believe me) as opposed to a scheduled feeding time. I weighed myself about 2 weeks ago and was down to 252. I also discovered a farmers market and have been able to buy good foods for very little money. I've been able to cook for myself and bring food with me for most situations. I'm swimming in my 2X clothes now, and needed to buy a new belt already. I walk twice a week now in our local park and am taking a tai chi class, but otherwise, not much exercise.

        Sorry for the long post, but I figured it would help to see the transition. If you have any questions, feel free to ask


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          As already said IF is a great way to accelerate weight loss or break any plateus you may be into. I have been doing it for almost two months know and it has proven to be highly effective. You should try it!


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            Yeah deffo go with the IF especially as you have your diet dialled in.You know if your diets been good when you IF as you don't get hungry.

            Check out Ross Enamaits stuff regarding exercise.

            My blog is aimed at those that don't want to hit the weights or mainstream gyms and I borrow my ideas for everywhere.



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              Yeah cut the fruit look out for the less glycemic fruit and eat those,also cheese,cream alcohol all turn to sugar in the body


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                Whenever I start thinking that 1-2 lbs a week is too slow, I remind myself that 1-2 lbs a week = 50-100 lbs a year.

                Whenever I start thinking that a year is too long, I remind myself that I spent 24 years of my life building up all this fat and more than another decade lovingly maintaining it.

                That may not be terribly useful information, but I find it lends a bit of perspective - for me anyway.


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                  You may be cheating too often. I find that cheating for me even once / week can eliminate any weight loss. I had some great progress when I went 2 weeks between cheat meals rather than multiple cheats each week. I would look into CrossFit or P90x for a more intense excercise regimen if you want to tweak that. I would shoot for 3 very high intensity workouts each week at a minimum. Also there is nothing wrong with slow weight loss. Makes me think you're probably holding on to your muscle and shedding mostly fat.


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                    Thanks for the help folks. A few more facts: I do IF now, on average twice a week - on a weight training day, which I do around noonish, I usually skip breakfast and lunch - if schedules permit, I'll skip dinner the night before, but that's rarer. Yes, the weight loss seems to be predominantly fat - every 4 weeks or so I'll have a muscle loss of a lb but usually each week its a lb or more of fat only (I'm using a fat scale). I probably cheat in a non-bingy way (having a couple of bread slices at a dinner out with friends, say) twice a week (but nothing like my old life eating pints of ice cream at a sitting).

                    One thing I do tend to do is eat later in the day - often dinner isn't until 9 due to leaving work, running errands, coming home, and then contemplating cooking. Short of skipping dinner more often or eating out more often when I'm on the go, I'm not sure about fixing that. Also, I have drinks maybe twice a week in various venues. I also have 2-3 coffees during the day - maybe the caffeine is derailing? I'm getting sleep - I increased it and am tracking it for this plan - but its averaging 6.75 hours a night. Maybe more sleep?

                    I am taking supplements now - mostly over the counter, with some creatine, and Eade's weight loss supplement.

                    So, without going cardio crazy, it looks like:

                    Cut back on fruit (once a day)

                    Mix up the exercises more

                    Add some kind of third high-intensity workout

                    Reduce cheating (maybe just once for a couple of weeks)

                    More sleep?

                    Reduce Caffeine?

                    try to focus on the gains and not worry about the time so much?


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                      That is a lot of things to try to do all at once. I wouldn't worry about the caffeine for now. You can get to that later. Studies have shown that caffeine can actually promote weight loss.

                      I know this is going to sound counterintuitive but you may not be eating enough. If you are fasting that much then you may be undereating. I suggest that you use a tool like Fitday to track how much you are eating. Shoot for at least 200g of protein, less than 150g of carbs, and at least 100g of fat.

                      In terms of excercise, I would focus on high intensity, short duration first. Skip the cardio. Try taking some long slow hikes or walks instead.


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                        All good tips here. Only thing my newbie self would add here is, why are you taking the creatine? This is going to require a lot of water to maintain that stuff. I found myself moody, and craving more food when I used creatine years ago.


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                          I agree with Conan and cc40.

                          Stop the Creatine for now to see how your muscles 'pump' on their own with your new proposed modifications.

                          Personally, I went up 10 - 15 lbs in most of my weighted exercises! And I'm a girl! ;-)

                          Sounds like you have a handle on it though!


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                            @ SassaFrass88

                            "This last week I did this: Low carb day (50 - 100g), Ketosis (0 - 50g), Low, Low, Ketosis, Low, refeed (100 - 150g), Ketosis, Meal, Ketosis, Low, Low, refeed, etc."

                            Please expalin! Is this one 7 day week? If so how did you break it up because I count 12 days in your cycle.

                            Also, is this something you developed yourself or did you get the idea from another source?