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Exercise and slowed weight-loss

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  • Exercise and slowed weight-loss

    Hi guys!

    Just wondering about your thoughts on exercise and slowed weight loss?

    Taken to doing a 15-25 min fasted morning walk/jog with some body weight exercises while eating at a 1900 calorie level, under 100g carbs, mostly veg.

    I also found that I work best with a carb up every two weeks; totally lost it on choc truffles + amaretto cookies the other day, no ill effects side from some "movement" and a stronger next-day lift


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    Are you actually experiencing slowed weight loss here or are you just afraid it might happen?

    You lousy kids! Get off my savannah!


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      Are you asking whether/why your new exercise program slowed your weight loss?

      If so, it's possible that you're building some muscle, which is heavy, so you're losing bodyfat but not weight -- nothing wrong with that!

      As for carb-up days: There's a lot of evidence to suggest that carb-up/refeed days have their uses. However, there's no need to refeed on poison...better to do it with healthful, starchy carbs like sweet potatoes.

      Not that it's an absolute sin to eat a cookie now and then, but you're kidding yourself if you say "this truffle is good for me because I need to carb up."

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        @primal child

        ...ok maybe just abit worried.

        I'm at 205 planning to go to 165 in 4 months.

        Guess it's better to ask this when I actually plateau heheh


        I seriously feel your advice will pop into my head at the exact moment I reach for another one of those chocolate bits of heaven


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          Yeah, it's such an individual thing. Too much stress can cause the body to hold onto its fat stores, but how much is "too much" really depends on the individual. So don't worry about it until it happens, which might be never.

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