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  • 7.3 miles LC

    I just wanted to post that I ran 7.3 miles last night (on a night trail run in the snow- pretty cool stuff) anyway- there are a few different pace groups that went out. I started with the fast pace and kept up with them for about a mile. I slowed my pace down and ended up going the rest at a reasonably good pace.

    Now- the reason I say that is because up till last night, my longest run was around 3 miles and the pace was slower.

    I had been scared to try longer paces because I have been low card for almost a month and I was worried about bonking.

    Last night, I made my mind up that I would run at my bodies natural pace for as long as possible and if I needed to walk, I would walk (nothing ventured, nothing gained) but to my surprise, I had excellent energy and never felt queezy at all.

    When I got home I did a ketostick and that sucker was dark!!

    If all goes well, I will be running the Philly marathon in November completely Low carb.

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    Awesome! Before winter hit, I was doing 6 mile runs every 7-10 days on a near-100% primal diet. Never had a problem, and in fact was able to run faster than ever before. Very interested to hear how your marathon training goes!

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      Ohhh, you guys are really making me want to run! I wish it were warmer than 20 degrees outside. Come on summer!