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  • Shoes - "duck feet"

    They call me "duck feet"! I have 4e wide feet. I've tried the five toes, Merrill trail gloves, .... The only minimulist shoes I have not tried are the new balance minimus or the Nike free's. Any suggestion for shoes for people with duck feet?

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    (I thought this might be a thread on standing toes-pointing-out rather than foot width.) I don't know if you're near a Nordstroms, but they have, so I've heard, wide sizes for shoes. I have no idea if they'd have minimalist shoes, but I imagine they might, given that they're so popular these days.
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      I also have 'duck feet' lol. I even have two toes that are webbed. And a high arch. I have the hardest time finding shoes that fit but the minimalist new balance shoe in a 'wide' size fit alright but the added arch support is annoying. I ran in them today and had to take them off half way through because my knees were hurting. You really have to be experienced at running barefoot before using them. And this is coming from a guy who's run barefoot consistently for over a year.

      Btw, I think my feet have gotten even wider since i started barefoot running.
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        check out Soft Star Shoes, they'll make them custom for you
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          4e??? wow. that sounds like the perfect primal Fred Flintstone foot.. why wear shoes at all?