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Lifting Through Carb Flu

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  • Lifting Through Carb Flu

    I have tried going Primal a couple times now and nearly every time its carb flu about 4 weeks in that gets me. Usually I try to hit Primal about 90/10 whenever I attempt it, but its so tough in the gym.

    I am somewhere between a novice and intermediate lifter. My max squat is about 1.5x my bodyweight (I weigh 170), and DL about 1.9x. However, when I try going primal Its like I am hitting a brick wall. My recovery goes down the toilet, it becomes difficult to sleep, and most importantly I can't add weight to the bar.

    I know the answer most of you will give me is don't sweat it and to try and live a less regimented goal oriented lifestyle, but thats simply not how I work. So what I was really looking for is advice from other more experienced lifters (esp. powerlifters, MMA fighters, Olympic lifters) on how to stay on the wagon and push through not to mention recovery techniques (I foam roll and stretch on an irregular basis).

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    Eating primal won't inhibit your performance in the gym; it seems to me that you think eating Primal is the equivalent of Atkins.

    If you don't have energy in the gym, try making a change in your diet while still eating primal. If your not eating any carbs, eat a sweet potato a few hours before you lift.