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  • knee problems

    hi guys.
    Im 18 and have been training for the army for about 8 months (started at the end of July 2010)
    About 3 months after starting to train (when i started i was over-weight+could barely run maybe 200m so pretty bad shape) i started getting tired very soon into the practice (2-3 minuted in).
    I didnt know why it happened and my coach didnt realy help me and i also didnt realy do too much to help myself and i just continued training like that for months and months, thinking it would go away as some people told me it will.
    So i continued training 3 times a week at a very intense training group and my body got realy weak the more i trained.
    about 6 months ago (at March) i went to a practice like always and in the middle of the practice i injured my left knee and couldnt finish the practice.. i came back to another one 2 days later and i saw my knee still hurts so i didnt do anything and decided to rest.
    I came to another practice 2 weeks later and still my knee hurts so i decided to stop training and go to a doctor.
    Anyway, i found a shitty doctor who told me it will get better in time and i have nothing to do to make it heal faster.
    I waited about 3 months and it didnt get any better so i looked for another doctor and finally found one i think at the end of June.
    Anyway he told me to start a diet and drop weight (was 100kg when my knee injured) for now and do some minimal weight leg workout everyday.
    After being injured i started reading alot about training and nutrition to find out what happened to me, and my theory is that i just didnt eat enough protein while training so hard so my leg muscles got weaker and weaker, and i actually gained weight while training because of eating too much carbs, this leading to me being too heavy and my leg muscles being too weak to carry my own weight, leading to a knee injury (I know NOW that protein is inmortant but back then i didnt.. i never done sports in my life before that training group and have been a couch potato knowing nothing about training, and eating correctly, and i actually didnt even know what protein is when i started training, i mean i heard of it but had no idea its important or how much i even need).
    Cutting to the point, my kness still suck right now and very unstable.. i started woking out in the gym but i can still lift very small weight with my legs (5kg only)..
    Im recruited to the army in like 3 months and i wanted to know if u guys have any tips for me on what to do, how to maybe heal myself faster.
    Thank you.. btw english isnt my native language so sorry if u couldnt understand some parts.

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    So i can recommend you of the exercise and you should to stay on sunlight for a while daily. A complicated problem so you should to check it up to specialist, this is also recommended by me dear.
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      I am seeing a doctor but wanted another opinions.
      He told me it will be good by the time im rectuited but i go to him for like 2 moths and i still cant even do walking..


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        have you considered physiotherapy which can help speed things along.
        Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
        Don't forget to play!


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          I have no idea what it is.
          I go to the doctor once a week. He massages both my legs and then uses some sort of machine which worms the place.