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Does MDA still advocate Crossfit?

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  • Does MDA still advocate Crossfit?

    I've been listening to a few podcasts on Robb Wolff's site The Paleo Solution and he gives Crossfit a realy hard time but on MDA he seems to advocate it, although I've seen nothing written on it recently.

    Does Mark still advocate Crossfit as a suitable training programme or is he of the opinion that Robb Wollf has, in that Crossfit's move towards Elite Fitnessm, at the perceived greater risk of injury etc is a too extreme and they've undone all the good work they did initially.


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    I listened to mark sisson on Underground wellness recently. And his take was that any good gym should not push all members to do the same workout everyday, and that it is important that people read their own energy and stamina levels before stepping into a gym. The thought was that many CrossFit boxes with their WODS expect members to push through the tiredness and pain so that everyone can work out together. He made a push for a more individual approach to fitness (with gym coaches being able to read their clients levels) but also said that the workouts of crossfit were useful and beneficial if done in moderation. That was a great interview BTW.

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    Ask Mark Sisson 10/24 by Underground Wellness | Blog Talk Radio
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      Thanks! That's really useful


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        Glad it was helpful because when I re-read it, it seemed as though an illiterate 8th grader wrote the post.

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          I wouldnt worry so much about whether or not someone else thinks highly of it. Check it out and make the decision based on your situation and goals.
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            I do Crossfit already and despite being fairly fit the intensity and weight can be a little to much sometimes. I've eased off a little bit though which seems to help, with a view to increase weight as I improve the 'skill'. I'm hoping this approach will work.

            t's just because of the bad press around Crossfit and the apparent increased risk of injury through their approach that made me want to see what others thought. I think a big problem with it is the lack of consistency from gym to gym. By all accounts there are some great ones but there can be ones that are terrible also. The one I go to seems OK and the WODs are usually no longer than 10-15 minutes, whcih seems about right to me.

            Check out this funny video....
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