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More lean muscle mass related to health?

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  • More lean muscle mass related to health?

    Hey all.
    I am 17 at about 10% bf and 75kg (165 lbs) and today I had an argument with my friend who says that lean muscle tissue and bodyfat has no impact on overall health and longetivity (given the fact that bf is @ normal levels).
    What do you say?
    Also is there a topic related with this in the site or generally @ the intrnet? I searched but I couldn't find one.

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    it's tough to say because people can die in accidents, but having more muscle usually translates to a happier life because you can climb trees, move stones, pick women up, and play outside with your kids. a happy life is a quality life, and as long as you avoid being crushed by a truck or a train, things of this sort, then you have a strong chance of living longer.


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      this is because a happier life will have less stress, and the stress that you do have will be handled better if you can pick your woman up. this is fact. and if there is one thing in the universe that can almost guarantee you longer years is reduced stress. i read many years ago about a study on centenarians that found the one common thread with this group of people is their ability to shake off stress by not dwelling on past happenings and mistakes.


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        when you are push pressing your lady to the sweet melodies of her childlike squeals and screams, you do not have chance to dwell on terrible disasters of yesteryear. when you can throw your daughter in the air and catch her, you will enjoy her giggles and this will also make you happy and stress free.

        so this is how lean muscle mass will increase your life.


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          but i see now the question is about lean muscle and not overall strength.

          this is why it is a bad idea to hit the bottle this early in the morning, i do better when i wait until late morning.


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            More lean muscle can be correlated to organ reserve, less injury prone and higher metabiolic rate. If yuo are injured your chances of full recovery are increased.
            When do HIV patients die? WHen they have been Ill so often that they have wasted away losing most of their muscle mass, correct? THey hit a tipping point and muscle mass and organ reserve are not sufficeint to fight the illness and maintain body function and they die(this could be said of most terminal diseases).
            Let's say you get TB followed by the flu. Lean tissue is a buffer against it killing you. Lack of lean tissue is less buffer increasing the likelyhood of the double wammy overwhelming your body and killing you.

            THis is why I don't mind my BMI pointing towards me being (overweight) despite the fact that I am fairly lean.
            Integrity is what we do when nobody's watching.