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Alternative for spinting outside during dark and snowy winter?

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    I'm considering getting a trainer to mount my bike on so I can work the bike indoors during the winter(my gym has stationary bikes, but I'm 6'6", so they're sized pretty horribly for me). Probably less likely to upset the neighbors than jumping around or the like indoors, since I'm in a 2nd floor apartment.

    Bike intervals aren't quite as harsh as sprints, but they should do the job during the winter. Plus I gain more schedule flexibility by being able to do them in my apartment.


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      I finished my bike intervals this evening a while back. Definatley winded me but my muscles are not as taxed.
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        If you have access to a gym hall/aerobic hall or similar you could try doing sprints inside. You may not reach full speed, depending on the size of the room, but running as fast as you can back and fort between the walls until exhaustion is a pretty good substitute. Also, if the room is big enough, you could run around in circles, which might give you more time to build up speed.
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          Cool, a fellow Swede!
          Where do you live, Norrland?
          I'm in Stockholm, so at least I get some light during winter.

          I wonder how many Swedes are on this forum?