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Workouts for the holidays

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  • Workouts for the holidays

    We have school holidays coming up shortly which means only getting to the gym every second weekend and no more getting out for hardcore off road walking. So i need ideas as to what i can do to compensate. i can get out to walk but it would need to be slower. the kids can take their bikes on some walks. i can see if i can borrow a diving weight belt for my walks down the beach with them. i can do sprints on the beach with the kids. in terms of body weight exercises, i need ideas. i can skip too. i'd like to make a plan i can follow so i dont get side tracked.

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    have you seen the primal blueprint fitness ebook? that will take care of getting in a good strength workout at home. it also covers moving slowly and sprinting, so you could pick up a few ideas for those. it's a really easy program to follow.

    for replacing your walks while on vacation, i'd go with a daily dance party with your kids. crank some music, dance like crazy, and get them involved.


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      +1 the dance party. Those can get me huffing and puffing for real. For the walks, you can also frequently pass the kids, then go back to "retrieve" them. That way you don't actually have to walk slower.


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        i will look at the primal fitness ebook.

        For the walks, you can also frequently pass the kids, then go back to "retrieve" them
        last year i tried to go to the beach when the tide was out and then zig zag from the high to low tide mark while they were walking. thankfully we have the dog so we have to get out for a walk at least once a day as he needs to run.