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How much do YOU exercise?

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  • How much do YOU exercise?

    Mark preaches 80% of your health is your nutrition. I agree. But as I incorporate exercise into my Primal lifestyle, I have cut back my exercise minutes and was curious what amount of time YOU spend exercising each week?

    Doing P90X put me around 50 minutes a day or 300 minutes a week. Now I'm closer to 200 minutes a week. I realize time truly means nothing compared to intensity, but curiousity consumes this cat, so please let me know what you average. I appreciate the help in advance.

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    I'm doing yet another round of P90X but just switched to a modified mass routine which is here

    Not much less but a little cardio. I'm also going for 6-8 reps instead of the 8-12.


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      Strength training every 3 days for about 50 mins total.

      So about 120 mins a week (even though most of that time is spent standing around).

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        I do stronglifts 5x5. Three days a week, about 1 hour each session.

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          My "exercise" and my "activity/work/transportation" and my "fun" tend to blur together. Today, f&#39;r instance. I was at the Y for an hour and twenty minutes. We started with a mini 20 minute bootcamp (mainly sprints, pushups and bear crawls) for warm-up, then we went straight into contact basketball for a full hour. I was hot and sweaty the whole hour, but there&#39;s no way I was going to quit my fun early because I had already exercised "too much!"

          Then I walked a bunch of errands today. About two hours of walking and carrying groceries and stuff.

          That&#39;s pretty typical. I go to the Y six days a week, and I also walk alot every day. I&#39;m also a yard/lunch monitor at a school M-F, an hour and a half, five days a week.

          So, all total, I&#39;m active about four hours a day, and I attempt to force myself to be a couch potato with a book one day a week. About 20-24 hours a week.


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            I usually spend:

            BJJ/MMA: 4 Hours

            Yoga/Cardio (Law #3): 2 Hours

            Lifting: 2.5 Hours


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              Weightlifting via Jim Wendler&#39;s 5/3/1 plan: 4 days/week, 1 hour/session.

              Cardio: 5 days/week @ 120 BPM for ~45 minutes.

              I want to begin more paleo-like cardio training (sprinting, plyo&#39;s, etc.) but not until I drop some more weight.

              I plan to continue lifting weights like normal because my goal isn&#39;t the long, lean look - I like being big.

              I began this Primal journey on December 30th, 2009 and in that time I've lost over 125 LBS.


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                Everyday: sun salutations (20 min) pushups, chin ups

                Monday: 90 min hatha yoga class

                Tuesday: 60 min turbo jam

                Wednesday: 30 min weight training

                Thursday: 60 min vinyasa yoga class

                Friday: 30 min weight training

                Saturday: outdoor fun (for example today we went ice fishing which involved hiking through deep snow with a 16 month old strapped to my back, chasing babies on ice for 2 hours and hiking back to the car.)

                Sunday: Weight training

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                  Body By Science Big 5 workout - 20 minutes, once a week. Plus a couple 20-30 minute walks each week.


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                    Body by Science big 3... 6 minutes max.

                    Wed. and Friday 4 x 30 seconds sprints on stationary bike.

                    10 minutes a week total.


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                      I haven&#39;t cut anything out, still do the full P90X/+ hybrid.


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                        Monday: BJJ

                        Tuesday: Gymnastic WU, Press, Back Squat, Met-Con,Yoga

                        Wed: No Gi BJJ

                        Thursday: Same as Tues.

                        Fri: 2 hour rolling BJJ

                        Sat: Endurance conditioning I.E. Murph, 10k run, fight gone bad, hill sprint etc

                        (few drinks with friends at night)

                        Sunday: Long yoga session (around 1 hour)


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                          every weekday

                          2 days a week crossfit and 3 days weightlifting. the weightlifting days will include 30 min of cardio (2x SS and 1 sprintsession)

                          rest on weekends. maybe just some long walks with BF

                          challenge yourself
                          i blog here


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                            I usually exercise 5-7 days a week, but how much time I spend each day varies greatly. Exercise for me is a combination of both workouts in the gym as well as fun activities.

                            For example, yesterday and today I went ice climbing, which, though not necessarily a "primal" workout, definitely counts as exercise in my book. Tomorrow I probably won&#39;t do anything because I&#39;m sore and banged up from this weekend. I think that&#39;s probably ok though because sometimes your body just needs to recover; that&#39;s part of having an active lifestyle.

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                              At the moment, three days a week weightlifting (for around 20/30 minutes each time). I also walk to and from work, which is about 4 miles a day (not including the walking I do in my lunch break).