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How is my workout rotuine.

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  • How is my workout rotuine.

    M - Sprints
    T - Full body Workout with dumbells + p90x ab ripper X
    W - P90x Stretch
    Th- Sprints
    F - Full body workout with dumbells + p90x ab ripper x
    Sat - P90x Stretch
    Sunday- Rest

    My sprints include 5 minute warm up walk 1 min sprint/ 1 min rest I do about 7-8 of these. then a 5 minute walk cool down (20-25 mins)

    My full body workout is lawnmowers, chest flys, shoulder press, squats, curls, tri extentions, and calf raises ( 50-55 mins just started working out should have this shaved to 45 mins in a week or so.)

    The p90x stretch is about 1 hours in length.

    Thanks I also am eating about 100gs of protien 1500 cals a day I am 165 lbs 5'10.

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    Looks ok, though you are putting a lot of stock in p90. Nothing wrong with that but you'll get bored eventually. Also might be doing too much if you are only starting out. Take 2 or 3 days for rest from the high intensity stuff and get out and do some long walking.


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      I'm curious about the minute-long sprint. Are you sure you're pushing it fast enough? Typically, 20 to 30 seconds will exhaust all the body's oxygen.
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        No LHT?

        Overhead Presses
        Bent Over Rows
        Standing Barbell Calf Raises
        Chin Ups

        Those are the Big Seven. Break them up over 2 days in sets of 5, 6 and 8 and buy a weight belt (dip belt) for doing chin-ups/pull-ups with hanging plates. Then once a week do a total body at high reps, light weight at 15 reps total body. You can do low level stuff twice a week, or maybe throw a sprint day in there. At least that's what I'd do.
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          Too many abs.
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