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what if a man chose to keep squatting bodyweight, never adding to the bar?

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    If you don't wish to load up to heavy on the squat rack you can use the squat as the first exercise in a tri set. Do your bodyweight squats in the good form rep range, follow that with 20or 25 hindu squats or sissy squats, followed by 10 deep high jumps, limp away rest and repeat. After your weighted set the other exercises are fairly safe to failure the weighted squates will get the muscles firing and then you can safely push to failure with the air.
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      Originally posted by tfarny View Post
      F*(&*(&%#@ Grok!!!!!!
      What a hypothetical caveman did over his lifetime to maintain the strength he developed as a child,
      has VERY LITTLE relevance to helping formerly fat and unfit people get closer to their healthy potential.
      Knifegill: How do you define, "going beyond function" anyhow? What does that mean, in practice? Does it mean the same thing for everyone? Honestly, for my former life, I was quite functionally fit by that definition -teaching classes and doing research are not impacted by the # of pushups I can do, and I know that my life didn't require me to run a mile without stopping, because I definitely couldn't do it.

      OP: I dunno - ask cheapo on the forum, he did simplefit for like two years and ended up looking quite buff - no idea what his true fitness is, though. I'm pretty sure that program has just bw squats for the lower exercise.

      +1 x 10

      Grok did probably not hunt elks or other prey which weighed more than himself. Most likely he would have been harvesting food from the forest and once in a while scare of scavangers in order to collect meat from a carcass. Once Grokers united they would co-operate so that they together could hunt larger animals (hence no need to be able to carry shi*tloads of weight, they would grok together in large enoguh groups in order to drag the carcass). Anyhow, what Grok did or did not do is irrelevant.

      Dado: I understand it that the person would barbell squat his body weight (i.e. no air squats) for one year. If he did that he would probably work out tons more and benefit as f*uck from his exercise regime more then a person trying to up his weight all the time, getting unmotivated when failing the reps and stalling in progression. If he is interested in it, do it and worry more about what is then what if.

      Just work out.


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        These posts give me a headache
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          Good grief. Finally looked up Hindu squats. Turns out thats what I've been doing all along. That would explain the burn after 3 fast sets!

          Sometimes I'm an idiot, lol.


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            Originally posted by tfarny View Post
            F*(&*(&%#@ Grok!!!!!!
            Best response in the thread!


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              Try squating with your heels staying in contact with the floor for a while. Hindu squats are awesome but competence at standard squat form is essential to progressing to tougher movements.
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                Said man would probably take his own life due to sheer boredom!
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                  Originally posted by Coach Palfrey View Post
                  These posts give me a headache

                  Grok did pistols? I think that's unlikely to say the least. He almost certainly carried heavy things and used his legs(both of them at the same time) to pick them up.

                  Pistols are better for your knees than squats? Your knees are designed to be used in unison, otherwise our knee ligaments and tendons would be much stronger. Look at ACL/MCL/PCL/patellar tendon injuries: do they occur when exerting force vertically in a squat, or when there is a shearing force, as in if you lost your balance doing a pistol?
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                    Go tfarny!

                    Screw Grok - he was just all about what it took to survive.

                    Be careful with pistols. While I do believe they are a good exercise, you need to be aware that the put a lot of pressure on your knee - watch people do them heavy, and their knees wiggle quite a lot. I've tried it myself, too.

                    Shrimps (do a google on Ido Portal and "shrimp") - it's incredibly challenging, but a lot easier on your knees!


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                      FUCK shrimps, they really are quite a challenge.

                      The other day I found THE ULTIMATE EXERCISE.

                      are you ready?!

                      What you need: something to hold on to, I used one of my gymnastic ring straps, you can use a rope, towel, etc. Stand next to it, grab it with the arm closest to it around hip level, with the opposite leg begin a pistol and assist yourself on the way up using your arm.

                      THE RESULT?!



                      If a man does this for 10 days, 22 hours and 4 minutes, then adds 15 llbs, what would happen to this man?

                      I'll tell you,
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                        I believe if a man did nothing but bodyweight squats, he would develop very strong, muscular legs in a year's time. If this man eventually built up to 500 straight bodyweight squats, the man's legs would be strong as a mofo.
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                          My theory, aside from building the muscular strength to do the exercises that you do, is that repetition like this leads to a couple more things. One, it strengthen neural pathways. That means you can be stronger without actually building any more muscle. I am taking this from "Naked Warrior" by Pavel Tsa.... whatever. My second theory is that your cells become more efficient. You will eventually require less input energy to do the exact same work. That means you won't have to eat as much. This is a good thing, health-wise. However, if you are in the backwards camp of conventional wisdom health of things like "the leaner you are, the better", "the more you can eat, the better", "the more alcohol you can drink, the better" will think this is a bad trait. Of course there is no logical sense in any of that.

                          The second answer is that maybe, after a year's time, man would be able to claim squatter's rights.
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