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Bad Weather/Winter Exercise?

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  • Bad Weather/Winter Exercise?

    Hello all! I'm wondering if anyone has any really good ideas for how to get your "move around slowly" exercise in when the weather is dreadful. I can't afford to go to a gym, so that's completely out of the question, but I suspect that I'm stuck at my weight because I'm not moving around much. The first 16 pounds came off with diet alone, and I went from 290 to 274 in the first month, but I've lost nothing else since in this last month. I have discovered that I have a pretty serious gluten intolerance, so I'm on the straight and narrow when it comes to avoiding grains. I even gave quit milk and most other dairy (except butter and occasional cheese), and tried IF, but still manage to float within a three pound weight range.

    Anyway, I'm in Columbus, Ohio and it seems like it's been raining non-stop for a month, not to mention it's cold and disgusting. I don't know what to do with myself, but I've got at least 125 pounds to shed and nothing's happening. I'm female and will be 30 on Sunday. Any suggestions/hints/tips?

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    Hmm. I hate to say this, but maybe look into getting a second-hand, cheap, or preferably free treadmill or elliptical machine? Just to walk and do mild stuff in, not to huff and puff mindlessly. I wouldn't suggest a stationary bike because I think those are way too low impact, being on your feet is what matters here.

    Other than that, bundle up and brave the weather I suppose. It may derive a sense of accomplishment along with the exercise, you know?
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      No one wants to go out for a walk in that kind of weather but if you cheated by parking further away, not taking the car to the corner store, getting off the bus one or two stops early, your distance will soon add up.
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        i agree with iniquity. hit up craigslist or freecycle and you will likely find plenty of indoor exercise gear for free or cheap. i have an exercise bike that i got for $10, and i'm hoping to look at a treadmill for free later today. i think a bike is just fine for moving slowly as long as you're not just sitting and moving your legs. i keep the resistance up on mine so i'm exerting about as much energy as i would taking a walk through the woods.

        if you don't want equipment, you can also look at getting some exercise videos, or just put on some music and dance.

        when the snow comes, you'll have some great outdoor options. snowshoeing is one of my favorite moving slowly, but i also use shovelling, big-snow-ball making, and walking back up the hill i just sledded down.


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          "There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing."

          I agree for the most part, though occasionally the weather really is life threatening. For the most part, though, you do yourself a great favor by bundling up and getting outside rather than trudging on a treadmill. I daytime from the perspective of 26 years in Alaska, so know a bit about challenging weather.


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            in the winter you must go hard or go home


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              Originally posted by dado View Post
              in the winter you must go hard or go home
              That's kinda my problem - I just stay home Winter sucks, and this cold disgusting rain we've been having is just plain foul. It's dark when I get up and get home from work, so even if it isn't nasty outside I'm not comfortable walking around the neighborhood in the dark as I have no cell phone.


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                Do you have a Mall? Malls are great places to get some walking and socializing in while avoiding the weather. Plus you can keep an eye out for new smaller clothing on sale.

                Rain sucks because it is sloppy, but once it freezes up you need to put on a few layers, a beannie and gloves and go for some brisk walks. The cold weather , and outside air are great for you and if you dress properly You can turn it into an enjoyable experience.

                Yesterday I walked and it was only 9 or 10 degrees out.

                You can adjust your daily reutines to add more move slow activities.

                I stand at my desk, Instead of calling someone in the building I walk to there office and have a face to face. (this is not only healthfull it makes me appear to have more initiative at work!) Take stairs, park far away from stores(avoids door dings anyway)

                Worst case scenario get a hamster wheel machine
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                  i think a bike is just fine for moving slowly as long as you're not just sitting and moving your legs.


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                    Getting outside is going to do quite a bit of good for you, especially if you can do it in the daylight. Get outside for your breaks. Get outside for your lunch break. Suck up the cold weather- cold showers stimulate fat burning, why wouldn't cold weather? Walking also burns fat. That's a 2-for-1 deal right there. I don't know about you, but even with my Vit D supplements, even when it's rainy and nasty out, I still feel better mentally for being outside in the daylight a bit every day or two.


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                      I agree with some of the other posters - just get it done. I train in an unheated garage year round no matter what the weather - it got down to -13c last year and my hands were so cold that I couldn't grip my pull up bar. Yes it's miserable being out in all weather but if you have no alternative then you have NO alternative.
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                        Do you live near a ski resort or hill? Does it snow where you live?
                        Why not take snowboarding (or skiing)... We snowboard all winter long... Awesome fun sport and a great exercise for winter...We are so stoked for the new season coming up...

                        I know people who live in areas where there are no mountains and in the winter when it snows they do cross-country skiing.... This is also a tremendous for of exercise... You use almost every muscle in your body, especially when going uphill...


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                          im actually looking forward to the snow this year, snow shoveling takes on a whole new function when you like to work out!
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                            I did a tabata cycle of burpees in my basement this morning...


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                              Jason Gay: Your Outdoor Sports Survival Guide -

                              "One day this winter, you will be in your car, driving to the gym for your Bon Jovi jump-rope class. It will be 28 degrees outside, but your seat warmer will have your behind baked to the temperature of moist lamb. And you will pass a golf course, and see four hackers out there dressed for ice fishing, moving slowly, knocking a fluorescent orange ball across a fairway thick with snow.

                              And you will think to yourself, Look at those boneheads.

                              But as sure as I know anything, I know this to be true:

                              Those boneheads are happy. It's cold. Go outside."

                              Happened to be in today's paper. Bring on the cold, I'm ready.
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