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    Originally posted by Junior View Post
    I do Convict Conditioning. My weak link is definitely hip flexors. Having a hard time getting past level one. My hip flexors are also very tight and I started stretching and that seems to have helped some. Seems I hit the lactic acid burn long before the muscles give out.

    Any suggestions?
    I assume you are talking about the leg raise series.

    Tight hip flexors- do you sit a lot? I would say that walking with a focus on feeling a stretch there might help. I find that functional movements give better flexibility gains than stretching alone. Even just standing more than you sit will probably help. Sitting at an obtuse angle (>90 degrees) will look like you are slouching but won't cause more hip problems. Make sure to keep your back straight when you recline.


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      Overhead press. I got to half body weight on it and no go further. I try hard, push, but end up leaning back, and always hurting my low back. Which sucks, because there is always Deadlift right after. I have no idea how to improve OHP. I had a horrible trouble with the bench, but then found the grip and the tightness, and stuff, and it improved a little. Overhead press goes down the moment anything is wrong at all. I hate it, but there is no alternative, but to shamefully take out 0.5 lbs from my ankle weights, and try another set to see which minuscule weight I can push over my head this week... Arhg.
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        I love anything to do with upper body since I find the pain and difficulty really enjoyable for some odd reason. But I dislike the pain felt by doing squats. Maybe it has to do with my form....weak legs?
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          My backwhen it occassionally getsinflamed. I can still go through a cycle of heavy squats formonths and feel likeI ami ndestructable and all of the sudden I can fallor almost fall and theinflamation cycle begins. I have been fighting it for well over a decade.
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            Originally posted by Bushrat View Post
            Back squats.
            Also, OH press sucks...but it seems everyone has that problem.
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              Chest is an issue for me. I've done one set of 50 pushups in my life and that was at 2am and I had coffee too late at night. Haven't been able to do it since. Went to the gym regularly and did the bench press, went from being able to do 5-6 of 135, and 1-2 of 155, to being able to do 10 of 135, 6-7 of 155, and 1-2 of 165-175. Haven't been to the gym regularly in a while (been off and on and doing a mix of body weight stuff, between school and work the past few weeks have been rough). Keep in mind I'm 5'10 and 150-155.

              Lately I've been doing squats a little slower while trying to focus on form, so the weight has been a little lower than I'd like it.