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Starting 21 day challenge Monday, Nov 28th. Join me!

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  • Starting 21 day challenge Monday, Nov 28th. Join me!

    Just finished the new book and I am keen to get going. Join me on this forum topic. I'll be posting journal updates/ etc here. Hoping to find a few 21 day challenge buddies.
    Cheers, from Melbourne.

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    So how's it going so far?

    Even though I say that in jest, I think making the decision to do it does actually lead to some beneficial changes. Sometimes the decision itself is the most challenging part.



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      Well, I have bought duck fat and ghee for the first time in my life.

      Well, I have bought duckfat & ghee for the first time in my life.


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        I'm getting ready to start too. It might not be on Monday though. A couple friends and I are going to start within the next few days though. I figured it was better to wait until I ate up a few of the not so primal leftovers that frankly, I like and plan on eating! But I'll see about posting on here a bit too.


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          Well today is my birthday and I need to get clean for a few weeks before Christmas so I'm in.


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            Me too starting today

            My history. Gained weight over the years and was always health conscious but have a bad binging habit.

            I have a very bad track history with food. Semi-anorexic at 18, gained 20 pounds during my military service. Lost 10 after but remained chubby till my daughter was born. Lost weight and was pregnant within several months. Was vegetarian from the age of 15 till I had my son at 26. Lost a lot of weight with two kids around and was slim for a while. Had my third kid (son) at the age of 29. Remained slim for about two years.

            Then the processed cookies and carb loaded drinks caught up with me. Tried to do slim for life for a while but I could never maintain the weight loss. Several years of pregnancy, miscarriages and just being overweight although eating healthy for the most part and I decided it was time to give up on my dream of having another kid and time to get healthy.

            Discovered primal but it didn't work for me (last year). Went on Atkins lost all the extra weight. Exercised 4 times a week including swimming and toning and felt a lot better. Gone was my IBS etc...I was down two dress sizes and much healthier for it.

            However, I recently lost my job and I'm working my notice. I stopped caring about my food and in no time at all gained everything back. After a year of hard work and managing to maintain the size I was. This is a recent development and I plan to lose the excess weight that has piled on in the last few weeks.

            So yes I too am starting today.

            Are you going to be 100% primal? I'm planning on a treat a day so I don't feel the urge to binge again. All my bad symptoms are back too. IBS terrible rashes and itchy skin and I feel yuck.


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              Loligoss - I think I'll aim for 100%, but Christmas season is a bit mad here in Melbourne. This week I am going out Saturday night to an amazing French restaurant, so I might end up falling off the wagon for a few hours (will be worth it). I'll be very happy with 80%.

              My sister and I are starting at the same time. She is in Illinois & I am in Australia, so it will be interesting with her snowed under & me starting summer. We are going to keep a more detailed journal here:

              My history:
              Time to introduce myself too. Sister of Sketcha, living in Melbourne Australia. Always relatively healthy and active, but a year after my first daughter was born I was diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis. It was really severe for a few years, affecting hands, feet & knees. I had a handicapped permit, could barely walk, and it was tough for a while. I became quite interested in health & nutrition around that time. Finally after 4 years I was able to get it under control with the help of Bikram yoga and a long list of medication. I went off the meds in order to get pregnant again, and was told it would come back with a vengance after giving birth. Amazingly after my second daughter was born it went into complete remission for a while. Now, a few years down the track it is back, but I am managing quite well on some new medications.

              I know what it is like to completely lose your health, so I don't plan to go back there. I go to the gym 3-4 times a week nowadays, Bikram is just too militant and I don't have the time. I quite like eatiing low carb, but have always missed eating berries, so the primal diet appeals to me. I'm not expecting any miracles with the arthritis, but I'll keep monitoring it for improvement.

              Yes it is SUMMER in two days. I am on holidays for the next month, so it is a great time for me to focus on this. It will be interesting working the diet into family meals, so any advice on that is appreciated.


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                Originally posted by thanatos View Post
                Well today is my birthday and I need to get clean for a few weeks before Christmas so I'm in.
                Happy birthday!


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                  Happy birthday Thanatos


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                    I'm already 100% primal so my 21-day challenge is the fitness part of the program (which I've been neglecting).
                    I created PaleoTrack - A Food Journal Designed for The Primal Blueprint


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                      today is my birthday as well, im planning on going 100% starting tomorrow. ive been slacking pretty badly lately
                      Primal Chaos
                      37yo 6'5"
                      6-19-2011 393lbs 60" waist
                      current 338lbs 49" waist
                      goal 240lbs 35" waist


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                        Thanks for the birthday messages. Been doing the primal thing for about a year now and initially lost about 8kilos. Stressful work environment though recently has led to too many glasses of red at night which results in me snacking. So this challenge is perfect timing for me to get back on the wagon.

                        So I got Up early and 1/2 hour walk alongside a nearby creek. Interesting two see two ducks that were closely followed by a water monitor. I swear they were friends.

                        Scrambled eggs and kiwi fruit for breaky.


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                          Hello, I am starting today too! Been reading for weeks. Lets do this together. I want to lose 30lbs...... Lets do this.... Exercise is easy for me as I am an instructor, but not teaching at hte moment and had gotten very lazy. NOT ANYMORE. Made me a schedule and am sticking to it.

                          Did weights this morning, upper body. Step class tonight...
                          So excited.

                          Kelly ann Barr


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                            Happy Birthday!!


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                              Originally posted by Mike Gager View Post
                              today is my birthday as well, im planning on going 100% starting tomorrow. ive been slacking pretty badly lately
                              Happy birthday to you too