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  • Barefoot

    hi All

    First post! - just wondered if anyone with over pronating feet had/has any success with the barefoot walking/running?

    I use inserts in all my shoes (thought that was the idea??) but after reading a few bits on here I wonder if there are other options.

    thanks in advance


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    If you fix your muscle imbalances, you should correct the overpronating. Barefoot walking/running stengthens some of those muscles. You could also have hip/leg abductor/adductor imbalances causing your legs to twist.

    1) Start bare footing or using Mina mist footwear.
    2) Start a calisthenics routine to fix muscle imbalances. I recommend convict conditioning by Paul wade for this.
    3) it's probably going to take months to resolve this issue.
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      yep me.
      I used to go to the same major shoe chain, where they use their scanner thing you walk over, and for years I was an over-pronater.
      I then wore VFF for about 6 months, and then went to get fitted again, and they told me I had a neutral foot. I feel like my feet are flatter now too.
      Shoes with high support really hurt me now.


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        overpronated to the point where my feet practically turned inside out, had mega shin splints for ten years as a result, finally caved and for $150 got orthotics. eventually they were passing the buck to my knees which said, fuck this shit, and packed it in. so that was the end of my chronic cardio (slow distance running) and the cranky beginning of my finding bodyweight exercises (bodyrocking), doing them barefoot, and then wanting to do them outside barefoot with a bit more grip for wet grass than skin (hence VFFs). now i can run longish distances (12 miles) when i WANT to for fun (and not regularly) which i call the good kind of long cardio.

        foot fallout: my feet are tougher, wider, stronger, and have a slightly higher arch. i also lost about half a US shoe size in length. the width is a pain, but my feet were wide enough already that the width is ALWAYS a pain whenever i have to buy any sort of conventional footwear (dress shoes, ice climbing boots, studded off-trail running shoes). would i do it again? dear god, yes. what would i change? there need to be more wide, square-toed, barefoot-friendly shoe options out there, and some of them need to be waterproof.

        go for it.


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          My right foot is longer, due to it being flatter than my left foot, I believe. The more arch I get back on the right, the shorter it gets.
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            yeah, i imagine PRRRROBBBABLY you got wider mostly hence up a size. my feet were already disproportionately wide so i can't really go up a size there (they're already in the zone of Ridiculous.) instead i kind of tightened up my arch which led to the length diminishing slightly.


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              I used to have all sorts of issues with my feet. I needed orthodontics etc. I stretched and worked the muscles out go barefoot whenever I can now and loving it.
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                The Barefoot Running Book, which is intended for new barefoot or minimalist shoe runner's to help them find the proper form and learn how to run without getting injured.


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                  Originally posted by Dirlot View Post
                  I used to have all sorts of issues with my feet. I needed orthodontics etc. I stretched and worked the muscles out go barefoot whenever I can now and loving it.
                  Hi Dirlot!

                  I don't mean to pick on you, but "orthoDONtics" is braces for your teeth, and "orthotics" is braces for your feet. One of my kids wears foot braces and two others wear tooth braces, so this kind of popped out at me.
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