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Day after workout - wierd feelings

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  • Day after workout - wierd feelings

    Usually after a good tough workout, I feel exhausted and pumped up and then if I have used enough intensity, I get serious DOMS. In particular, the day after a 'push' day, I get serious muscle soreness and tightness in chest, shoulders and triceps.

    BUT - even though yesterdays workout was really good and I went up in weight and reps for all exercises, today my muscles are actually smaller, not sore, vascularity has disappeared and i have a general. I have a general soreness throughout my body, but flexing my chest and triceps yeilds little to no pain.

    Any ideas what this could be a result of?

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    A different workout? You shouldn't be working out to have DOMS in most cases. It usually appears when a new stress or movement is applied but should quickly pass. If youy are constantly pushing and getting DOMS you are probably going to end up in an overtrained state. Eat a good meal, sleep and recover for the next workout in a day or two.
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      Sorry I wasn't clear, I don't work out specifically for doms. But it seems to be a good indicator of whether I have done well in the workout


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        Originally posted by robbie1512 View Post
        Sorry I wasn't clear, I don't work out specifically for doms. But it seems to be a good indicator of whether I have done well in the workout
        Surprises me. I get DOMS when I do something completely new, or after a long lay-off, but not when I follow a nice and smooth progression, even if I hit a PR. How many of those "really good" DOMS workouts have you had? Have you just recently changed your routine?


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          Well it is true that doms usually follows a change in exercise. BUT for me personally, days that I manage to hit a PR or whatever and just feel good the whole workout, are often followed by doms the next day. If not I get slightly disappointed. There also seems to be a strong connection between what my mindset is during the workout. But yeah my in order, the muscles that seem to not get doms as much to ones that do would go:
          Traps - if I do cleans these always kill through next day


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            Proper program design will keep you in DOMS forever and you will constantly grow if you eat the right foods. I lost a bunch of weight with paleo and then gained 20lbs of lean muscle. Deadlifts, Squats, Pull ups,Bench, Dips will be a fantastic base for several years. You won't get a bodybuilder style body but you will start to resemble a Silver Back Gorilla. If you want to really build the upper back start Olympic lifting with dumbell or Kettlebell.

            Wright down everything you do so you know what to beat the next time or if you are stalling. You will get to a point where adding 2.5 lbs on your bench will be a cool thing.
            Get a 3 or 4 month rotation on your workouts to keep the body fresh. Think of them like this: Phase 1 will be higher rep lower weight and high intensity, Phase 2 weight goes up reps go down a little think body builder reps, Phase 3 will be balls out heavy lower reps under 5, Phase 3 really randomize your workouts and let the body recover and then start all over again.

            Training a split is a waste of time concentrate your energy with the big lifts and then some ancillary stuff; carb up and eat a ton of protein and some fast acting carbs like white rice on the days you destroy yourself and stay paleo the others. Eat....then eat some more...your significant other should be complaining about how much you are consuming. I will eat two dinners on some nights and really just whenever I think about food.

            Follow the guides of recommended by Mark as if you are really taking yourself to the limit you will need rest and recovery. You should sprint once a week for multiple reasons. My T levels went up 20% on strict Paleo and working out twice a week with a sprint here or there.


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              yeah,. I get DOMS when I do something completely new, but not when I follow a nice and smooth progression,


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                DOMS seems pretty random to me. I don't see it as a real indication of whether a workout "did anything" or not. The best indication is if you can do more than you could before, if your capabilities are improving. I.e. you can climb that mountain more easily, you can hike/run/bike 20 miles today when 15 used to kill you, or weight you couldn't lift before is now a warm-up weight.
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