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    "Crickets here"

    Please report in folks:

    Day 8
    Activities on the 21 day Total Body Transformation( Mark Sisson)

    No labels Challenge
    Sprint workout
    Tiptoe into the barefoot world

    I ran 4 this morning it felt Great!! I am ready TO RACE NOW!!!

    " LIFT Heavy things" tonight for me.

    I was supposed to do sprints today, but as I have the race( 5 miler in Buffalo) Thursday I opted for the fartlek this morning( Base 10 -10 minute interval(s) at 170 BPM) and I will do a nice easy three tomorrow night!

    Eating was pretty clean except for Friday night , not bad considering I was travelling.:grin:
    I ran 5 miles on Saturday I paid for the bad eating ( and beers) for about 2 miles!

    Grok on !



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      I explained the Primal Blueprint to my Mom and she was okay with it but she follows the USDA and eats the way the big pharm and big grocers want us too( along with the AMA). She is overweight and has high blood pressure etc , I could probably do her wonders?

      Hold your own my daughter was looking at me funny when I scraped the topping off the pizza the other day.

      where is the rest of the crew ?/ JJ, Cheryl?

      Day 8
      I am on fire, ran a hard 4 miles yesterday morning and then doubled back and did last night:

      Drum toll please

      8 CHIN UPS!!( 1st time ever)

      followed by about

      100 pushups
      100 squats
      3 sets of 8- 140 pound pulldown ( bands)
      2 sets planks - 2 minutes (on elbows)

      Day 9
      Wow am I toast today
      Have to pack tonight to head back to Buff tomorrow, plan to run an easy three tonight, off tomorrow and 5 mile Turkey trot at 9am on Turkey day in the big Buff .


      ( former fat ass)

      X Mike


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        Happy thanksgiving everyone!
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          Day 16 Journal

          Primal Blueprint update!

          I am using Grass Fed beef & Chicken from Wegmans and it is not too expensive, I work with a guy who gets his beef from a farmer across the street from him, it is in Grafton not too far away, The Holiday was not too bad for me either.

          We were bad when we got home from Buffalo saturday night, we demolished a pumpkin pie between us ( BAD boy & girl)
          That was it, back on track, no trash in the house.

          I don't weigh myself and won't until I start P90x mc2 in January.
          But I was able to get into the smaller size slacks that were too tight last week!
          Ye hah!!I was not able to race on Turkey day as my leg & knee was strained from overdoing the squats last week. I plan to post the race video on Youtube , it was awesome 14000 people!

          I did Chest & back last night and walked 3 miles at lunch.

          Plan to run tonight, and do some ab ripper .

          here is the Day 16 Journal :

          Go Local
          Moderate Duration Aerobic Workout( run 4)
          Calm relaxing evening
          Summary comments

          How is your challenge coming? What are your current workouts?

          Tawny & Paul where are you?

          Grok on
          Mike !


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            Daily Ratios of Fats Carbs & Protein

            Here is an article I posted on my blog today It finally hit me on the head to up the good fats and lower the protien.

            Daily Ratios of Fats Carbs & Protein

            I have been rereading the Primal Blueprint I read it too fast the first time , Here is page 230 which is the Macronutrient Calcs for a 197 pound male( right about where I am)

            The mean lean body mass equals 25% of 197= 148 pounds

            It hit me over the head it is not just about the carbs and the protein! So I have been following the program (obviously loosely LOL).

            It is the amount of good fats too! In a nutshell Mark Sisson seems low on Protein for weightlifting bucks like me but here is the breakdown I am currently using!

            When we don't have insulin issues (from not eating grains, starches, sugars, and legumes), the body burns excess body fat efficiently and quickly, 8 pounds per month in this case!

            Protein 104 Grams= 416 calories
            Carbs 75 Grams = 300 calories
            Fats 148 grams = 1332 calories

            Obviously the fat calories should be 4:1 Omega 3 to Omega 6 ( fats), ( Omega 6 fats cause inflammation and insulin problems).

            Trans and partially-hydrogenated fats and PUFAs contain high levels of omega-6 fatty acids. Grain-fattened CAFO meat is also higher in omega-6 fat, as are many types of nuts. While omega-6 fats offer some health benefits, we tend to consume them in excessive amounts while not eating enough of the complementary omega-3 fats. An omega-6mega-3 (O6:O3) imbalance promotes a pro-inflammatory condition in the body. O6:O3 ratios have recently become a hot topic in progressive health circles, and itís worth making a concerted effort to get your ratio more in line with your genetic requirements for health than with the obscene imbalances produced by SAD habits. Anthropologists believe that Grok enjoyed an O6:O3 ratio of 2:1 or even 1:1, while SAD ratios can commonly reach 20:1 and as high as 50:1!

            Sisson, Mark (2011-10-17). The Primal Blueprint 21-Day Total Body Transformation (p. 68). Midpoint Trade Books. Kindle Edition.

            I modified my diet to increase the Protein to 1 gram per pound which equals 150 grams

            This is what I came up with and I will be more diligent on logging on Livestrong everyday to verify that I am on target!

            Here is my modified ratio

            Protein 150 grams = 600 calories
            Carbs 75 grams = 300 calories
            Fats 122 Grams = 1100 calories

            Total for day 2000 calories
            Deficit for my weight and BMI = 932 calories

            It is hard to achieve that much fat but liberal use of butter, olive oil, walnuts, beef & chicken (with skin); macadamia nuts, whole fat cheese, Avocados and cream help you get there . I even count the Omega 3 fish oil pills that we take daily!

            Grok on

            Coach X Mike

            (To go to my blog )

            Daily Ratios of Fats, Carbs & Protein, The Primal Blueprint ~ X MIKE
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              Hi Mike-
              I just started 21 Day Challenge -read the book and today is Day 2. I assume that by now you finished the 21 DAys - what were your impressions? Did you lose weight as you wished to?